Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Cloning and Faves

Thanks to tmituesdayblog.wordpress.com for this week's questions! 
If you could clone yourself, what part of your duties would you hand over to the the clone:  (pick one)
a. Paying the bills
b. Cooking
c. Having sex with your significant other
d. Going to your job on your behalf
Definitely D...I hate going to work. I love the people I work with and I like my job, but I'd much rather be doing other things in life than showing up there. -Jules 
What a silly question, D of course! - Gwyn  
Amen to D. Who really wants to work? - Miranda
When you are performing oral sex on a lover is it generally:
a. Because you are trying to warm them up and have it lead to intercourse
b. You love to give oral pleasure
c. They want it, so you oblige but don’t really like it
d. You like to worship cock or pussy
Everything but C. I love doing it, but I also love what it lead too and yes, I always have an agenda. - Jules 
Usually A, but if it's someone I really like then B as well. -Gwyn  
Worship cock?  Random. It used to always be C but with Coach it's B. Which is weird because I pretty much hated giving blow jobs before him. - Miranda
What part of  love making does your partner speed through?
a. seduction
b. foreplay
c. the deed itself
Owen speeds through seduction b/c there's just no need. I'm already seduced by that man. Gavin doesn't really speed through any of it, except sometimes foreplay b/c he knows I'm always ready. - Jules 
Don't have a partner right now (at least not one that I'm having actual intercourse with) so I can't really answer this question. In general, I'd say almost every guy rushes through A (or doesn't do it at all) and most guys rush through B. When you find a guy that puts in considerable time and effort in seduction and foreplay then I'd say he's a keeper! - Gwyn Coach doesn't rush any of it.  He's definitely a keeper in that aspect. - Miranda
What part do you wish they’d speed through?
Interesting...well, we've established you can skip through pretty much seduction and foreplay b/c Jules is usually ready to go! - Jules 
I'd prefer they take their time during all parts. Sometimes guys can drag foreplay out a little too long (trying to be Mr. Romantic or whatever) but as long as they keep it interesting I don't mind playing for awhile before we get down to it. -Gwyn  
If I had to pick one to skip it'd be the seduction I guess. Though the whole leading up to the touching part is super fun too. I refused to choose lol. - Miranda
Who is the last person to grab your ass? When?
 Gavin as he was fucking me in my kitchen the other day. - Jules
Virtually speaking...McDreamy grabs my ass every day. In terms of a physical ass grab, the last person to do that was one of my bffs - who happened to start batting for the other team about 9 months ago. A little awkward.  - Gwyn
I'm feeling repetetive here.  Coach of course. - Miranda
Bonus: Describe your partners/lover/plaything/significant others penis or pussy in 10 words or less.
They both have big, perfect cocks. (You've seen Owen's on here!) - Jules 
Seven inches of prettiness that I can't wait to meet! - Gwyn  
Long, thick, strong, and it's a very well matched set. - Miranda


  1. I've been a voyeur within your blog recently. Very sexy. I use to write a bit and thought it only be fair for me to share with you. Enjoy!
    Your newest fan,
    maxstrokersf yahoo

    We order food, and the server senses our connection. They are polite in a way that is efficient, yet lets us know we will not be bothered. Inhibitions slip. I grip her thigh as she shoulders her way closer to me. All these moves are, for us, decadently unsubtle. But nobody can see us. It all feels so honest and intense. I love seeing the smile come across her lips. She stares at me staring at her mouth. And as my hand slides further up her leg, she pushes herself forward on the seat to meet it. And it is so warm. I am slightly embarrassed when she says she likes my soft, low growl. I didn't realize I had made a sound. But when she touches herself for me...runs her hands over herself like I ask her to...I realize that she has been waiting for that moment for as long as I have. And she revels in the way I melt...and grow more intense at the same time. She plays with that power until I have to ask her to stop. She just giggles.

    She is sitting back against the fabric of the booth, the film flickering surreal, her hands gripping the bench, her legs spread wide, motionless, while I explore her again, and touch her in places not meant for exploration in public. We both watch her chest as her breathing quickens, as her nipples rise. We both feel her pushing down into the seat. Against the fabric of her panties. We both feel the humid heat through her skirt. We are desperate for home.

    I've reached the accepted length for comments

  2. All great answers but I love 'Seven inches of prettiness', made me giggle :)

  3. 2. Jules...an agenda? Why am I not surprised :D

    3. Miranda...like you I wasn't crazy about this deed. It took my ex, and his perfect movie cock to cause me to "worship cock". Wanting to perform fellatio is still partner dependent for me.

    4. While I don't want a lover to speed through anything, some guys just fuck too long. I mean it starts to get uncomfortable. I've cum...several times! Now get the hell off of me! :D :D

    Once again, just a joy to read.


  4. I was surprised to hear that Miranda used to have some trepidation about giving blow jobs. I think for as much skill as it takes to give a blowjob, there has to be an equal amount of tact when receiving the blowjob. I can think of a few partners I'd hate to go down on again, even though I generally enjoy the act. On the brighter side, it taught me at a young age to pay special attention to cleaning the area behind my balls in the shower :-P

    Not to ask too graphic a question Jules, but I've wondered: when foreplay is skipped, do you typically involve lube, or are you often just naturally wet? I just wonder sometimes if I'm either too conservative or too liberal with my lube usage.

    Gwyn, your answer to the bonus made me literally laugh out loud :-)

  5. Thanks for all the comments, guys. Ethan, no question is too personal around here...lol. I rarely need lube, even with anal. I typically know when I'm getting laid and I'm usually very excited in advance so that lube is not required. The only time I really need it is prolonged sex with condoms and/or on a rare occasion where it just starts with anal.

  6. Jules - I agree that there's no need for seduction and foreplay. I'm the same way. Sometimes it's fun, but most times I just want to get down to the fucking! lol

  7. To the lube issue: I have been told by no less than three well known sex educators and my current gynecologist that lube should always be used because of the friction little tiny tears will occur. Female genitalia is thin skin. You may not see the "tears" or breaks in the skin or even feel them but if (and when) they are there you are at further risk for disease (STIs) and bacteria infection.