Thursday, July 21, 2011


I think I may be pushing Russell's buttons right now. He's been tense with me this week after walking in on Gavin and I Sunday night. I haven't really been at home much, but when I have he's avoided me in his room. Monday night, he was almost chatty via text but I think I made a choice last night that returned the awkwardness somewhat. 
Gavin called me yesterday and asked if he could spend the night. He's very in tune with our comings and goings these days. He had heard Russell mention that he might spend Tuesday night at his bf's, so he thought it would be safe. As it turned out Russell was home, but was in his room (sleeping?) when I got home at 7:30pm. Gavin came over around 8:30 and we hung out watching parts of movies b/c we couldn't settle on one. I was doing homework and he was teasing me on the couch until I made him stop, reminding him of being caught Sunday night. He asked me if I thought I wanted to hang out this weekend and maybe go over to the private party we were invited to last weekend. I told him I didn't know because he didn't seem overly into the idea after the fact and he said he was definitely interested regardless of whether or not he fucked anyone but me. He said watching me was soooo hot and he was wanting to have fun this weekend since Chloe comes back next week.  We'll see...I don't know that I'm so into licking more kitty this soon, but I love how turned on it made him. 
Gavin and I moved things into my room and played around for hours. He was making me cum soooo hard and sooo much that I totally lost track of time. We were also working hard to be super quiet to not get caught again! Finally at 1:30am, I dozed off for about 30 minutes and woke up at 2am to Gavin rubbing on my kitty again. He got me off so many more times it was ridiculous and then I dozed off some more until about 3am when he woke me up by being on top of me and rubbing his hard cock in between my legs. I woke up enough to have a super hot fuck and then rolled over to sleep until about 6:30am. I'm exhausted today, but I swear it was worth it. God he was hot last night and for once I didn't mind him sleeping in my bed and touching me as I slept. (No, still not in love with him...just nice to cuddle with him for a little while...don't read into it.)
I texted Russell something this morning and got back an "Ok, did Gavin sleep over last night?" text. I replied that he had because he's having roommate drama (not untrue) at home and wanted to get away. All other texts have been one worded replies and/or ignored. What I wanted to reply was "Where do you think he is since his truck is there and my door is closed??" I'm kinda whatever about it. Here's the thing...Gavin has slept over like 3 times other than when he lived with us for a few weeks and once we didn't have sex because both of our kids were there and it just wasn't the time. If you remember Bob, Russell's straight (yeah right) bf that basically lived with us for months on the weekends until he freaked out over being not straight and is now engaged, he slept in Russell's bed for months on end with Chloe in the house. Chloe's not home and I don't feel guilty and/or the need to apologize for last night. I did apologize for him walking in on us Sunday night, as I would have apologized to anyone in that case, but Gavin and I were very appropriate in our inappropriate behavior last night. Russell's current bf is moving out of state in the next month, so I suspect that's playing into a bunch of his feelings right now too.

Gavin called me around lunchtime to tell me that Russell had cornered him in the kitchen this morning and told him that catching us Sunday night wasn't cool. He told Gavin that's the 3rd time (really?? keep count much?) and that if Gavin respected him, it wouldn't happen again. Oddly, he's yet to bring it up with me. Miranda said she thinks it's a male pride issue...maybe so, but I'd be surprised if he didn't bring it up at some point. Gavin and I agreed that henceforth all sexual acts will take place in my bedroom behind closed doors when Russell is home. It's unrealistic to say that there will be no sexual acts when he's home b/c he's home a lot these days and we're very sexual beings. While I like that Gavin lives with his gf, it would be nice to have another place to go sometimes too.

 So, I wrote all of this post at work today and on the way home from school, Gavin calls me to invite me over. I would have said "yes" had I not been utterly exhausted from last night and if they didn't live with her bff. I told him that just seems like a horrible idea to invite me there given who their roommates are and the fact that her suspicions are up about him and I fucking right now anyway. 


  1. That's a confusing life and a half, sounds fun though and I love how you call it a kitty

  2. It is definitely all of the above! ;) - Jules