Saturday, January 21, 2012

Community Service

I’m a homeowner!  Whoot!  After two months of anxiety yesterday I signed my papers and got my keys!  Tonight I did my first real home improvement project – I changed a toilet seat.  It was disgusting but satisfying. 

In more interesting news, I had a bunch of funny stuff happen with boys this week.  Jethro (the guy who fell and then disappeared within the same week) emailed me.  We exchanged a couple messages and he apologized for the way he acted before and said it was just him, not me.  He asked if we could talk sometime and I told him sure. He’s texted me a few times since but no phone call.  I think he knows his ship has sailed.

The weirdo guy who was going to rub his sister’s triceps messaged me through Match.  He asked for a second chance and I asked him why he felt the need to lie.  He said it was a split second reaction and that he really wanted another change. I told him no thanks.

The landscaper has been in and out via text.  Really since the Midwest invasion of Kansas I’ve been very neglectful towards the landscaper. He did offer to help me move though next weekend haha.

The Repo guy wanted me to meet him out last weekend.  This was the same night I was with Kansas.  I kind of felt torn at the time but obviously I chose to stay with Kansas and from his attention this week it was definitely the right choice.   I haven’t heard from the Repo man since so I think he’s pissed at me but whatever.

I’ve had a bunch of random and seemingly nice guys messaging me on Match but honestly between the house stuff and work stuff I’ve been so overwhelmed I can’t put forth any effort to get to know someone new.  I need to do better with that since I’m actually paying for Match now.

And Coach has been continually emailing me trying to win me back.  Between the house/work stress he got me all discombobulated one day and I called up Gwyn to vent.  I went back to steadfastly ignoring him since then and it’s helped my stress level greatly.  But not before I told him if he wanted to win me back, he had to win Gwyn or Jules over to his side first.  Because if I ever gave him another chanced, he’d have to win back my friends and family.  His response was, “Damn! I feel like my uphill battle just turned into climbing Mt. Everest.”  HA!

Today I had Sawyer help me move a refrigerator into my new house and it was crazy.  I realized riding in his truck with him that he dips! I never knew that in all the time I was involved with him or afterwards as just friends. How did that escape my attention?  YUCK!  No wonder he’s always chewing damn gum.  It was kind of horrifying.  He behaved very well though and didn’t cross any of my aforementioned lines.  

Though there was almost a Sawyer/Kansas crossover.  Kansas has wanted to help me with the house and stuff but at the same time he’s been very reluctant to do anything where other friends/family was going to be involved.  I told him if he wanted today he could run to Lowes with me and help me get all the paint and stuff I need for tomorrow (which is the big painting day)  and told him to meet me at the new house at 1:30.  Well it took longer to get the fridge and it was like 1:20 and Sawyer was hanging around chit chatting and I thought I was gonna have to hustle him out.  Fortunately Kansas was running a few minutes late and Sawyer was out of there before he showed up.

At Lowes Kansas was so funny because on one had he was trying to give me advice/suggestions and on the other you could tell he was trying hard not to “tell me” what to get.  Then in the check out line the cashier asked him, “How are you feeling about this honey-do list?”  I died laughing and he just kind of shrugged his shoulders and turned red.  Very hilarious.  After we left there he lectured me about not eating lunch and made me go to Subway (and get a big sub so I’d have some for dinner later) and then made me sit and eat while he ran around my house patching nail pops and filling holes with spackle. 

Later I was at Leo’s basketball game and Kansas texted me saying he sure wished we could have started painting tonight. I told him I was sure there’d be plenty of painting he could help with later this week.  A few minutes later he offered to go over and paint tonight!  I thought he was kidding but he was dead serious.  I finally agreed to meet him back over there about 8 pm to give him a key since he was so dead set on helping out.  I went over there for about 45 minutes and he was like a kid on Christmas.  He’s already painted most of one wall before I left and he was stressing about it not being good enough for me lol. I thought maybe he’d paint a bedroom but he said his goal was to paint everything but the bedrooms. He’s crazy!  I can’t imagine what I’ll walk in to in the morning.

I can’t say I’ve ever had a guy do something like this before. It’s pretty damn cool I have to say.  This is a whole different realm of service from just opening a bottle of water.  It’s so weird to be sitting at home I in bed typing this when I know he’s over there busting his ass painting.  If this is what holding out on sex gets me I might hold out for a long time! 


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