Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Saturday Night Special: AKA The Night I Took Viagra - Part 2 of a Party Girl Weekend

After I ran home to get some different clothes I was back at my boss’s house to get ready for our big New Year’s Eve.  We were headed to this amazing music venue to see a 70s/80s band.  I had arranged to meet this other guy (who’s a landscaper) that night to see if we hit it off and in hopes that I’d have a cute guy to kiss at midnight.  So we got appropriately glammed up and headed out the door.   The Jew-a-Rican asked if he could come with us but we turned him down because he didn’t have money. Did I mention he’s an out of work model/translator?  Too freaking funny.  As we headed out the door, we were laughing about the Viagra we stole.  Well she dared me to take one and you know Miranda loves a good dare so I popped a Viagra and out we went.

We got to the club and about froze to death standing in line to get in.  Once in there we were astounded. We were in a sea of hot men. I swear lots of times I go out and feel like I see nothing worth getting excited about but this night, they were everywhere. We started calling them pods of hot men and gave every group we saw a nickname. There was the plaid pod (group where every guy had on a plaid shirt), the mustachio pod (group with guys wearing fake mustaches), the sweater vests (group of older guys way over dressed), etc.  Between my boss and me we can have a party for two and have more fun than anyone else. 

A little while later I met up with the landscaper and thank the lord above, he was smoking hot.  Even better than his pictures.  We chatted as best we could above the obnoxiously loud music and then headed for the bar.  He stopped to chat with his friends and somehow we got lost from each other for the next 45 minutes or so but I honestly didn’t care because I was having such a good time otherwise.  We danced with the mustachios and even the sweater vests though we steered clear of the plaids because they were trying to grind and it was way too early in the night for that kind of booty popping.  I felt someone pull me back from the dance floor and turned around to find the landscaper.  Someone had had a few shots while he was gone.  We talked again and danced a little and then we “merged” into his group for a while.  Honestly though he was very nice, albeit a wee bit inebriated, his friends were kind of douche bags.  I think the landscaper is a party boy and I’m not sure how well a party boy group and a party girl group will merge under any circumstances. 

So after a while we wandered off and actually didn’t make it back to the landscaper in time for a midnight kiss but it was ok because in the mean time I met another guy.  A repo man. HA!  We had walked out of the bathroom right after midnight and one of the mustachios grabbed my boss and kissed her.  Sadly it was the short mustachio. Short as in she had to lean down to him. But she was a good sport about it.  About that time I noticed this guy who’d I’d seen several other times that night.

We did the whole look at each other and smile thing a couple times before he got up the bravado to walk over to me. We talked and danced for the next two hours and generally had a blast.  We had one of those great moments where you’re dancing and you look at each other and get closer and closer until it’s like you’re lips just come together like magnets and he gave me some awesome toe curling kisses I can’t even do justice to describing.

A couple times the landscaper edged over my way but I was kind of wrapped up in the repo man lol.  I almost feel bad about that, nah, not really.  At the end of the night, the Repo man invited us to grab some food and hang out with his group for a bit in a hotel room they had and we agreed.  We couldn’t find his crazy friend though. No earlier his crazy friend had tried to dance with my boss and he was so not attractive I told her in no way, shape, or form was he worth taking one for the team and forbid her from dancing with him. 

So we search all over the club and he calls his friend a million times and we still can’t find him.  So thinking maybe he went back to the hotel earlier we headed out.  About the time we get up to their room, his friend calls. He’s at the club.  So my boss did take one for the team and she went to get him leaving us conveniently alone for about 20 minutes.

We made out hard core.  Kissing everywhere. Hands everywhere.  I was so willing to break my celibacy vow and not just because my boss told me nothing within 24 hours counts on New Years Eve lol.  Right as things were about to cross the line and really get good we heard a bang on the door. Damn timing!  They were back. So we quickly got up and rearranged our clothes and let them in.  The next hour and a half was some of the funniest shit I’d ever seen.  The friend was super drunk and belligerent and my boss was so bossing him around and telling him off.  They spared back and forth and we laughed until we were crying.  At one point he proposed to her and she put a remote control between them and said he was not allowed to cross that line or she’d sucker punch him.  I swear I wish I could have video taped it all.  

Finally it was closing in on 4 am and we needed to head back.  My boss went to the car and Repo man and I were hedging on what to do. He was worried about leaving his friend there the way he was acting because he seriously would have either driven his car (and got his 4th DWI) or probably made so much noise he’d get kicked out of the hotel.  I told Repo man just to stay there and he made a sad face and said he really wanted to see me again.  Then he walked me to the car and we had a scene from a movie moment in the elevator where we made out furiously and I earned my first ever elevator orgasm. HA!  I can’t say the Viagra did anything to me that night though who knows what actual sex would have been like. 

Stay tuned for part 3 of a party girl weekend!  

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