Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crazy Magnet

I am a total crazy magnet. I mean I draw them like a moth to a flame. Russell told me last night that it’s because I’m so intense that sometimes that’s the only thing that matches my level. I guess there may be some truth to that.  The Damien thing has escalated to the point where I’ve backed totally out.
It’s been coming since he found out about Owen. He’s super jealous and claims to be in love with me and seeing me working out is an “intimate experience” and not having me sexually is apparently torturing him. Meanwhile when he asked me last night when I was going to start having sex with him, I freaked.  I pointed out he’s fucking a Chinese version of my grandma complete with muumuu and I wasn’t really into following that. Honestly I have no sexual interest in him, so continuing to string him along just wasn’t right.
I tried to push it all back on him, but finally I told him that I wasn’t going to work out with him anymore since I wasn’t ready to give him what he wants. Last night, he gave me an ultimatum to stop seeing Owen and starting seeing him sexually or to leave him alone. I’m choosing the latter option. I was going to choose lying to him about not seeing Owen, but why? I’m a grown woman and I’m going to see and do who I want to see and do. Thus ends this chapter, maybe…
In other crazy news, Clark continues to randomly text me. Sometime he wants to know who I’m fucking (which I do not answer) and sometimes he just wants to say “Hi”…super weird but at least he’s 5000 miles away.
No further contact from Gavin, but often times no sooner than do I get those words out then he appears. I suspect Damien will continue to buffer that situation, but who knows? I’m just banking on him leaving very soon, like hopefully next week.
I did see Owen yesterday for lunch. We had a super hot lunch hour in my bed as everyone was working or at school. He continues to pleasure me immensely and despite Damien’s claims, I cannot imagine him being a better lover nor do I plan to give this up. He makes me cum in so many ways!! By the way, I’m again totally recommending the We Vibe. We LOVE it!!!

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