Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feels Like the First Time

Ok well not really lol. Well last night the landscaper from my party girl weekend posts came over. I can’t remember what I’ve told you about him or not but he’s 41, 6’, hazel eyes, brown hair with some grey in it, goatee, single, one kid, was married for a very short time in his 20s, and obviously he’s a landscaper. And he’s a party boy who likes to go out like Miranda. Oh and he’s kinda got Chiclet teeth – but really nice Chiclet teeth lol.

We met during my last days on PoF and exchanged a couple emails, then texts, and then we met face to face New Year’s Eve (the night of the Repo man). He begged and begged to hang out on New Year’s Day and I relented and he came over and we talked a bunch and made out but all in all he was very much a gentleman. Though I did totally learn that the Landscaper is a manscaper that day.  I got the kids back the next day so for the last week it’s been a lot of texting and talking and generally getting to know each other though there has been a bit of racy texting as well. Mostly caused by the “slutty leg” picture below.

Side note – the slutty leg picture started as a joke. I took it one day and laughed and laughed when I saw it. If you look close enough you can see the bruise on my leg that I’m not sure who exactly caused it during my party girl weekend. I ended up sending it to a bunch of people and then I showed by boss because every guy’s reaction was so over the top. So then we joked about her sending it out and then she did. And all her guys’ reaction was ridiculous too. So far the slutty leg has traveled via text/email to three different states and about 11 different guys.

So anyways, the day after the slutty leg made an appearance, the Landscaper was getting hot and bothered. Eventually our texting that afternoon turned to sexting and I ended up getting an awesome penis pic lol. I mean a really good one. Monday was my first kid free night and he had asked about coming over then remembered the football game was on last night. I suggested he hang out with his friends and we could get together on Tuesday because despite my best efforts, this girl is so not a football fan and I do my damndest to keep it off my TV.

So the Landscaper goes out with his friends last night to watch the game and I’m enjoying a little me time. Shortly before 9, he texted me and said he was done watching the game already (it started at 8:30 lol) and wanted to come see me. I acquiesced and he got over to my place in double time. We were just sitting on the couch and he was asking me a ton of questions about work and stuff and we were having a good old G rated time watching TV. And then the kissing started. And damn can the Landscaper kiss. Though he does have a goatee and I get total beard burn from it but it’s so worth it.

So kissing leads to more playing and more playing and last time we’d already had the discussion about no sex but damn it was hard to resist. Eventually the couch was just not cutting it and we relocated to the bedroom though I reiterated my stance of no sex and we continued our play time there. I was honestly at the point about to give in when he got a little wrapped up in the moment and finished lol. So my virtue was intact last night. It was near one by the time we were done playing around and I invited him to stay the night and we crawled under the covers.

I have to say it was really nice to sleep next to someone again. I forgot how much I liked cuddling and laying there talking in those few minutes before sleep. All was good. I got up this morning and took a shower and did my hair and make up for work and texted the girls letting them know I was a good girl last night. Then I made a fatal mistake and crawled back into bed next to the Landscaper. He wrapped his arms around me and started rubbing and touching me everywhere. And I swear my body just took over and next thing I knew I had ripped off my robe and I was on top of him. And OMG it was so worth breaking my vow. The Landscaper is smoking hot and he knows just what to do with every part of his body.

Afterwards we lay there and I was so much more relaxed than I’ve been in months. He said I had shocked him lol and we lay there for about another 10 minutes before I had to haul ass to get up and get to work. I was 15 minutes late as it was.

All day long I’ve been pleasantly achy and sore in ways I had forgotten from my 126 days of celibacy. I’m also so relaxed it’s hard to care much about doing any work! HA! I don’t know what will happen with the Landscaper. I mean we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well over the last couple weeks but it’s still early days. I do know one thing though, I learned a lot about myself and how I relate to sex during those 126 days. And I know that today, I’m not mooning around about the Landscaper hoping he likes me because we had sex which is a big mind shift from before. And I know I had sex with him because that’s fully what I wanted to do from a physically driven standpoint. Maybe my hearts tougher after all the BS with Coach, maybe I have just finally figured out the right perspective on sex, maybe I’m just too damn chill today to care anyways. But this girl right here has been walking around with a new swagger today for damn sure.


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