Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well I’m all moved in! Friday I spent the day packing and moving small stuff over to the house. That evening, Kansas came over to put in my new door locks and hang curtain rods for me. When he got there my mom and sister were still there so they got a sneak peek at him. He did his handyman stuff and then we just hung out and drank a few beers and talked a bunch. Kansas had asked about doing something that night but I’d already made plans with the girls for a party girl night so I had to decline which made me feel oddly guilty.

After he left I raced to the apartment to throw myself together so I could give my hot new red cowboy boots their first night on the town. What followed was a ton of fun dancing and general crazy girl antics and Imaginary Baby Daddy sweating me hard. It was a very near miss that night with him.  He's been texting me a lot lately and the next day during the day he blew up my phone talking about how hot I was that night.

Saturday I drug myself out of bed, cursed myself for drinking so much, and then started what was the longest morning of my life with moving. Fortunately, me and my sister had got a fair amount done the day before so it could have been a lot worse. It was very strange to have almost the exact same crew of people who moved me into the apartment – Josie, Dave, Sawyer, my sister in law – moving me out of the apartment. Towards the end of emptying out the apartment I got strangely sentimental about leaving it. I guess because it was my first real place that was just mine and because it was my “refuge.”

Moving in went super smooth too and I just kept looking around being shocked that this was really my house. I really love it! After everyone had left, Kansas came back over to help me with some unpacking and he brought me a bottle of my favorite wine, cheese/crackers, and a beautiful huge collage picture frame. I was shocked to say the least. After the unpacking we lay on the couch and watched a movie and I drank the whole bottle of wine in celebration of my move lol.

We got in bed and he was trying very hard to be good and frankly, I was done with withholding lol. Kansas said he didn’t want me to do anything I’d regret the next day since I’d be drinking (if he only knew lol) and I assured him that I knew what I was doing. He hesitated again and said he didn’t have condoms with him because he knew I’d said I wanted to wait. I told him I had some and he asked what kind. I was like duh regular condoms and he kindly let me know they wouldn’t work. In my slightly addled state I didn’t pick up on that and he somewhat embarrassedly said he’d need a magnum! Holy lucky stars!

We made out a while longer and I told him I couldn’t get pregnant (thank you Mirena) and we held out about as long as we humanly could and then we sealed the deal. And OMG – he’s big. Like big big. Like whoa. He’s so big he could feel my IUD (and now I have an appointment on Friday to get the “string” thing attached to it cut shorter lol). It was fantastic.

Sunday we spent the day lounging around and then he took me TV shopping where I proceeded to buy a big ass TV, it was just too good of a deal to resist. Later he bought me dinner and a stand for the TV and we just lay on the couch talking and laughing and picking on each other. Oh and then I negotiated a deal between him and Gwyn for him to buy her TV here in storage. HA! I Skyped with her last night and told her he’s like a combination of her and McDreamy hahahaha!

This is such an interesting relationship. So different from what I usually fall in to. It’s got all the good stuff from a relationship without any of the drama or me going off the deep end. Like I like him and I’m very intrigued by him and for a change I’m totally letting he lead the way. It’s just different.

Sunday night I was harassing him about when his birthday was and he wouldn’t’ tell me for the longest time. Genius that I am finally figured out I could look it up on Facebook and wouldn’t you know it, his birthday is next week. So now I have to figure out what to do about that. I’m thinking playing it low key and just cooking him dinner or something. Kansas told me he hasn’t had a home cooked meal in like 5 year s lol. That’s pretty sad. Anyone got any bright ideas?


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  1. Congrats Miranda! New job, new house, promising new guy, I'm so happy for you!