Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midwest Invasion

Between work being frantic over a press conference we’re hosting on Thursday and buying a house/moving I’m about overwhelmed. Last night I was sitting at home after working till 9 pm and tried to change the channel using my phone! But it’s all good exciting stuff so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

Last weekend I went out with a new guy. He and I had been texting for a couple weeks and I figured it was finally time to bite the bullet and meet him face to face. He was the very last guy from PoF and while I thought he was cute in an overgrown frat boy sort of way I just wasn’t sure about him. He’d originally invited me out on New Year’s Day but I was too tired from all my Party Girl Weekend exploits and he’s been faithfully texting me every since. Not too much, just enough to let me know he’s still interested.

Kansas (that’s where he’s from) 38, about 6’1, divorced for about 6 years, is some sort of Project Manager in telecommunications, and he was living in Colorado before he moved here in March. He spent most of his 20s in the Navy and apparently right as Kansas was getting divorced he got some girl pregnant so he has a kid but the relationship with the baby mama is extremely contentious and he doesn’t get to see the kid much (the kid lives in Colorado I believe). He’s very “manly” but he’s extremely nice at the same time. Kansas is big on opening doors, being the “man” who takes care of the lady, and he’s got pretty great manners. I haven’t fully vetted his history but so far everything seems to be on the up and up.

What’s even funnier is that Kansas reminds me so much of Gwyn’s McDreamy! I mean he looks like they could be related, he talks like him, and he has a lot of the same little personality tweaks. Hell he even loves to play video games like McDreamy! I’ve been calling him McDreamy 2.0 to Gwyn lol.

Friday night we met for dinner and drinks which turned into heading back to my town for more drinks and me inviting him to my place for a while. We talked and listened to music and kissed and stuff. It was super late and Kansas was going to leave and I invited him to stay if he could behave himself. He promised he would and he actually did! Saturday morning I woke up to him rubbing my back and we lay there and talked for about a hour before he headed home, but not before asking to see me again that night.

Saturday night Leo had a basketball game so I went to that and then headed over to Kansas’s place for a late dinner. Again he went out of his way to make sure it was exactly the kind of food I liked and even the drink I liked. We watched a movie (that he had me pick out), played Xbox (that Kinect thing is so cool!) and lay on the couch for a long time. Eventually it got late and he asked if I’d like to stay the night and I agreed as long as the same rules were in effect lol. We kissed and stuff but he was again very respectful.

Sunday morning again he woke me up by rubbing my back for like 30 minutes and we lay there and dozed in and out until about noon before I got up and headed home. I’m finding out the little things a guy does make a huge impression on me. Case in point, Sunday morning Kansas asked if I’d like a bottle of water and when he got me one, he opened it before handing it to me. That’s just freaking nice y’all! And it’s kind of funny because the crazy Irish man from a few weeks back told me how in Brazil the women go out of their way to take care of the men including opening their bottles before handing it to them. HA!

We’ve been talking and texting ever since and Kansas says he’s going to provide chauffer service to a concert me and my boss are going to on Saturday. So we’ll see how it goes. I definitely feel more cautious than usual but I think that’s just because I have so much other stuff going on, I don’t really have time to focus on him.

There’s a whole bunch of crazy stuff going on with my Match exploration, boys from the past coming back, and other general wild male related stuff going on but I’ll have to fill you in later!


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