Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Hoo Do

Happy TMI Tuesday. Let’s play Hoo Doo (Who Do?).

Who or Who(m) do you want to:

1. Play naked twister with?
Um no one. There are some parts of people I just don’t want to see that up close in a non-sexual moment. Just imagining trying to avoid looking at someone’s “brown eye” or seeing their balls hanging there would result in me becoming a child again and giggling incessently. - Miranda
Yeah, um no thank you to that. -Gwyn
Um, Owen I guess...really no one. Bad Naked! - Jules

2. Love?
My Prince Charming! I’ve you’ve seen him lately, tell him I’m damn tired of waiting. - Miranda
McDreamy. -Gwyn
OMG you love McDreamy??? Like love, love?? (OK, I feel 15.) I love Chloe and sometimes I love Russell, but not in a sexual way. I love my parents (mostly). I love Miranda and Gywn and Josie and a few select others. - Jules

3. Excites you beyond belief?
I don’t think there’s anyone that “excites me beyond belief.” If I could pull a blast from the past I’d love to be around Flyboy again. - Miranda
I don't really ever get excited beyond belief but in the past year I'd say Popeye got me the most excited of anyone. Him and his perfect penis. -Gwyn
Owen, my sex god...hands down. - Jules

4. Enjoy ass play with?
Well the only person I’ve really gone there with was Coach and I’d sure as hell not allow him back there now. Though I wouldn’t mind taking a strap on to him as punishment. - Miranda
Exit only. Exit only. -Gwyn
Again, my sex god...Owen. But honestly I love that with most men... - Jules

5. Shower with?
Actually the only person I’ve ever showered with was Coach as well. How strange is that? And if we took a shower together right now I’d probably either try to drown him or push him down so he’d “accidentally” hit his head. I like my showers for myself so I’d choose a single shower! - Miranda
I've showered with just about every boyfriend I've had so I guess it'd be a long list. -Gwyn
Well, this is going to have to go to Owen again...in part b/c he's the only guy I'm fucking right now but b/c he's also the one I love showering with after...the kissing, the touching...OMG! I've showered with Clark, Russell, and Gavin but none are as hot as Owen showers.  - Jules

6. Undress?
I wouldn’t mind undressing the Repo guy from New Year’s Eve. He had his nipples pierced and I found that incredibly sexy. He’s sent me some great pics too via text and I think undressing him would be pretty fun. - Miranda
Is Brad Pitt an option? -Gwyn
Meh - I don't care about undressing...take off your own clothes. - Jules

7. Rim?
Um, I’ll pass. I don’t think there’s anyone I want bad enough to rim. Though I might let someone do that to me ;-) - Miranda
I don't even know what that means! -Gwyn
I have rimmed Gavin and Clark...I would love to rim Owen but he's reverse ass play hesitant. I love having it done and honestly that was a perk of Gavin...that man would lick my ass like nobody's business.  - Jules

8. Elope with?
Preferably someone who is not a gimp and is over 6 feet tall with a banging job so I can be a lady of leisure. - Miranda
Anyone who will make my Hawaiian housewife dream come true....-Gwyn
That would imply that I ever want to get married again...no thank you. - Jules

Bonus: Who do you want to wake up in the arms of? Why?
Well this weekend it was pretty great to wake up in the arms of the new guy who I haven’t even talked about both days. I wouldn’t mind doing that again soon. He was really kind and considerate and after we woke up both days he lay there and rubbed my back for like 30 minutes. It was pretty great. No sex was involved either! - Miranda 
I love waking up with McDreamy! -Gwyn
I hate sleeping with people. I like waking up alone. I'm sure that makes me a gimp...lol. What can I say? I'm a bed pig. - Jules

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  1. I made Jules's love list, for those not aware, it is a true honor! Like knights of the round table honor! Love you too, and oh so fucking grateful to be your friend!