Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Touchdown!

Super Bowl Sunday Celebration

(or any sports party)
Even if their team is not going to the Super Bowl, millions of people love an excuse to party. So party we will. Tell us what your ideal Super Bowl Celebration (or any sports party) looks like by answering:
What’s your favorite _____ that you’ll serve at the party (name one item for each):
a. choice of beer 
Corona - Jules
Landshark - Miranda 
Whatever is on sale - Gwyn
b. choice of wine
White is my favorite...I love a good Chardonnay, though I usually drink Mama's Big Bottle b/c it comes in the quantity in which wine is consumed around here. - Jules
Any kind of white is fine with me. - Miranda
What kind of sports party involves wine? -Gwyn 
c. choice of distilled spirit
Pass - that means puking. - Jules
Crown - Miranda
Vodka - Gwyn 
d. choice of mixed drink
Margaritas! - Jules
Margaritas! - Miranda
Vodka cranberry. Are you gals planning a mexican fiesta or a super bowl party? -Gwyn
e. choice of chip
I love a baked lays or a tortilla chip (esp. the blue ones!). - Jules
Again ditto to what Jules said - Miranda
OMG ladies do you actually watch sports?!?!? We need doritos, cheetos, ruffles with french onion dip, cheese puffs....none of that healthy crap! You need real food to soak up all the booze (taste isn't important you'll be too drunk to notice!), I thought you guys were professionals!!! -Gwyn 
f. choice of dip
My mama's crab dip...omg yum. - Jules
Good old spicy salsa - Miranda
BLT dip and french onion dip. Jules - You definitely missed your calling as the hostess with the mostess. Only you would bring wine, baked lays and crap dip to a super bowl party. This is cracking me up. -Gwyn
g. choice of take-out food (pizza, burgers, Chinese food, wings, etc)
Pizza! - Jules
Pizza, quit stealing my answers Jules! - Miranda
Wings and lots of ranch. -Gwyn 
h. choice of homemade food
Hmmm, I don't know. I really don't go to sports parties. What else is there to eat?? - Jules
Sausage rolls or pigs in a blanket - Miranda
Something that's easy to throw on the grill or can be prepared while intoxicated. Do hot dogs count as 'homemade'? -Gwyn 
i. choice of salty food
The aforementioned chips - Jules
Baked lays ripple chips are a weakness - Miranda
OMG not the baked lays again!!! You guys can just lick the salt off the rims of your margaritas and leave the baked lays at home!!! -Gwyn 
j. choice of sweet food 
Chocolate Chip Cookies! - Jules
These questions are exhausting me - Miranda
What ladies, no fruit plates? They would go perfectly with your mexican-high brow-healthy super bowl party menu ;) -Gwyn  
2. What will you wear at the party? 
I am not planning on attending a SB party this year. I plan to be on a beach. ;) -Jules
I imagine jeans and a sweater. I don't own sports jerseys. And actually I pretty much hate football. - Miranda
I think I'm the only one of the group that is qualified to answer these questions. You two are fired. -Gwyn  
3. You will be having your very own half time show at the football party. What is that half-time show? Briefly describe. 
Is this a question making me pretend like I'm at the game or something? If so, pass. If it's my own half time show at home, let me assure you that it would involve stripping and sex. Last year, Gavin and I went to a party and then came home and fucked like bunnies during the final moments of the game...that was HOT. -Jules
If I'm pretending. It would involved Kansas scooping me up off my feet and giving me the what fore with his big you know what.  - Miranda
I would be too drunk by halftime to complete any sort of performance. I like to hit people and pee in strange places when I'm drunk. Use your imaginations. -Gwyn 
4. What team do you wish was playing in the Super Bowl? 
I could honestly give a crap.  - Jules
I wish it was Basketball instead - Duke basketball specifically. - Miranda
Jesus ladies!!!!! Jules you could at least pretend to like the team that your future second husband plays for - Atlanta! And Miranda what about the Panthers? Ya'll are really killing me!!! For me, the Patriots and the Panthers are my favorite teams so I'm super excited to watch 3 hours of Mr. Brady!!! -Gwyn 
5. The NY Giants and New England Patriots are in Super Bowl 2012, who do you want to win?  (ummm…yeah, I had to google that info…LOL) 
Again, I got nothing....no opinion what so ever. - Jules
I could not care less. - Miranda
PATRIOTS!!!! McDreamy will be pulling for the Giants so it's going to be an interesting day. Jules and Miranda - does the fact that Tom Brady is arguably one of the hottest men on the planet not tempt you to even check it out???? -Gwyn  
BonusHave you ever made a football (or Super Bowl) bet that involved sex? Tell us about your own Super Bowl of Sex. 
No, but I kinda like the idea of that. Of course that would mean I had to pay some attention, but I guess I could just Google it after...lol. - Jules
I've probably watched the super bowl once and even then I didn't pay attention. - Miranda
I've never made a bet about sex in my life - if you're a girl there's really not much in it for you lol we can get it whenever we want it :) As for my 'superbowl of sex', I don't think I've ever done anything that would fit that description - I've had sex for 3 hours before but that was in my younger days. I guess you could say I'm retired from the league. -Gwyn 
Bonus BonusWill you watch the Super Bowl? Do you even care about the Super Bowl? American football at all? What’s your can’t live without sport? 
Nope, Nope, Nope, and surfing is my favorite b/c the boys are half naked and HOT. - Jules
I might watch it if my boss has a party or if Kansas wants to watch it.  Otherwise I'll be contently watching something else.  College basketball is my sport. Could watch that all day. - Miranda
Probably a bar or at McDreamy's friend's house, not sure yet. Yes I care about the super bowl!!!! Pro football is probably my favorite sport to watch overall, although I'd change the channel in a hot second to catch a Duke men's basketball game. I'm a tomboy and I love all sports. I definitely couldn't live without being able to play soccer but as far as watching sports I'd say it's a tie between football and basketball.  -Gwyn 
Thanks to Virtual Sin for this week’s TMI Tuesday theme and help with the questions.
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  1. ROFL over your answers guys...Gwyn, tell me how the game ends, I'll be sipping some wine on the beach munching baked chips. :) - Jules