Monday, January 23, 2012

I Started It, But GD That's Some Crazy...

Wow, some serious fucking crazy ensued here this weekend. It's been enough to make me wonder if anyone is normal anymore. So, I blogged about my crazy week and then Thursday night I put up a CL ad looking for a new guy b/c I'm over POF and I'm not paying for a dating site. Of course this sparked some crazy replies b/c it is CL after all, but it also sparked some potential good ones as well. I put the ad up because I realized it had been over 2 months since the whole thing with Gavin and that I really needed to move on and usually moving on for me means meeting a new guy.

Friday morning, I wake up to a reply to my ad from Damien and a follow up email from him totally blasting me for putting up an ad and calling it a total slap in the face to him and how hurt he was, etc. Then, he calls me about 7am and rails against it for about 5 minutes as I'm brushing my teeth during his phone call. He demanded that I take it down and I said I probably would that night. He hung up and starts texting me ALL day about it. He keeps demanding that I remove it, demanding to know why I put it up in the first place, on and on and on to the point that I finally yelled at him and told him that this was one of the MANY reasons why I would never be with him b/c he was driving me batshit fucking crazy. He knows what time I leave practicum and as soon as he thought I was out, he starts texting and calling me again about it. I told him I was busy until late that night and he accuses me of going out with someone I'd met on there. I told him to fuck off that I was going to dinner with a gf of mine. I was pissed at this point...pissed.

So I did get some promising replies and I'm still emailing a few of the guys, but I started emailing and texting pretty heavy with a guy that afternoon/evening. It ended with him begging me to meet him out on the beach after dinner with my gf.  I made him drive up here and we went to a beach that isn't all that secluded just in case he was crazy. It was stupid on my part, but he seemed totally normal. Again, I know it was insane...judge away. So we meet up and I'd told him 83 ways to Sunday that I wasn't just looking for anything serious, but that I also wasn't just looking for a fuck buddy. (Owen meets that need quite nicely.) He agreed and assured me multiple times that he just wanted to meet me, but no sooner did we get on the beach than he's kissing me. He was a great kisser, so I didn't stop him. Then he moves to my tits and I told him to stop, but he kept going. I protested and the next thing I know, he has got my hand and is moving it to his cock...um, hello did you not hear what I said?? So, I continue to protest and then he gets up and goes down to the ocean and when he comes back there is guy on the beach and he abruptly says he's ready to go and gets up and we leave...like 20 minutes into the whole thing. It was WEIRD. I texted him and told him I thought he'd totally treated me like a whore and that I was completely unimpressed. He apologized and said he was super turned on by me and then the guy freaked him out and he just needed to get out of there. I went to sleep with Damien calling me AGAIN at like 2am. I ignored a total of 10 calls from him in 2 days over this.

Saturday morning rolls around and the new guy is texting me and apologizing and I agreed to give him a 2nd chance. Damien is calling and texting and emailing me too trying to find out why I placed the ad and what all had happened last week...crazy psychotic behavior. It was incessant. I kept putting him off and when I would tell him something he would totally judge it and it just got to be too much. I kept bitching him out and he kept coming back for more. All of this despite the fact that he'd totally gone MIA after the whole ultimatum thing. I'm just dishing it back to him hard core though. The new guy texts me ALL day and I finally agreed to go out with him tonight.

This morning rolls around and I wake up to a text from the new guy and we spend the morning texting and I realize what a total fucking fruit loop he is. I mean this man is fucking insane, like Clark insane. I finally piss him off and he tells me he's making other plans tonight. I told him I thought that was an outstanding plan. He continues to text me telling me how great he is and so I started doing the same right back until he finally apologized and said he really wanted to get to know me and that he was sorry he'd tried to make it all about sex but that he was just so sexually attracted to me. I said ok, fine and then told him that if he was sincere about it that I would hang out with him another night, since I was calling his bluff on tonight, but that there would be no sex. He accused me of playing head games and then finally quit texting me. He randomly sent me another text saying something, but I think he was fake texting me so that I would reply. It was all SUPER strange, but at least I realized it before going back out with him. I should have bolted after the whole Friday night thing.

Meanwhile this morning, Damien is still trying to call me and is sending me crazy, psychotic emails. I finally told him I was just done and to leave me alone. He sent me a threatening email, but I basically was just whatever about it...he's not going to do anything to me. If he was, he would have done it long before now. So, hopefully I've finally pushed him far, far away and he'll leave me alone. I'm tempted to put an ad back up though just see what he'll do but why poke the bear? OMG he is a fucking fruit loop too.

In the midst of all of that, Owen starts sexting me and we had a fun exchange and some "personal relief" time together texting. He started it all this morning by saying that the next time we're together he wants to take pictures of us. We exchanged several very naughty pics of our own and lots of sexts. He's just fun and easy and not crazy!! I need to find an unmarried version of him...lol.

So, that was the weekend here is Crazy Land. I don't know why I attract such fucked up men!! I guess it's the CL thing, but gd they are NUTS. I'm afraid to continue emailing with the other guys now for fear that they are just as off. I'll definitely spend more time emailing with them before meeting them if I decide to even go that way. Holy Mother of God!

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