Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cougar Town

Well it was an interesting Saturday here with Jules not wasting a second of time whoring it up! It started off with me waking up to texts from Owen saying that he was headed this way and wondered if we could see each other. We could and we did! He has been sexting with me for days and days and we had some pent up sexual energy! His kids have been sick and he's been Dr. Dad since he's not working full time right now. He found out this week that he has to have surgery on his shoulder soon too...boo. He made it seem like no big deal though, I guess it just means I'll be on top for a while. ;) 

I spent a great day with Chloe hanging out doing Mommy stuff. We shell hunted, hiked, sat on the beach, read, shopped, and shared an acai bowl. It was a fun day with my girl! When we came home from our day, she headed over to her bff's house for a sleepover. Here's where it gets interesting. I mean morning sex with Owen was interesting, but he's become the norm...lol. 

I was emailing and texting with a guy I'd met on CL that seems like he might not be a total nut job or super boring like the other 2. He's divorced, but actually still lives with his ex for financial reasons until she can afford to move back to the mainland, so my situation didn't freak him out. He's super cute, witty, and seems like fun. Russell had come home with a bunch of people from work and we were hanging out on the porch drinking copious amounts of wine and beer. This new guy texted me good night and said he was going to sleep. All of a sudden, I turn around and there is a guy standing beside me that isn't one of the people that Russell brought over. It scared the shit out of me. I was like 'who are you and where did you come from???'. It turns out he's our neighbor that lives behind us and he said it sounded like we were having a super fun time and he wanted to come over. Um, ok. 

We'll call him Alabama or AL for short. AL is a super cute blond boy with this hilarious deep Southern accent. He's 22 or 23 (there remains some discussion about that...I thought 23, but Gwyn says 22!) and in the military. The rest of the night is a bit foggy, but I know there was way more drinking, some smoking, and mentioning by him of wanting to sleep with me. He lives in a duplex that I'd looked at before moving here to this house and he was talking about his California King bed. I said there was no way in the world he had a CA King in one of those rooms...so he invited us over to look at it. Next thing I know, Russell, Gwyn, AL, and I are all piled onto his bed. We hung out talking for a while and learned he has a 20 something month old baby. Eventually, they decided it was time to leave and I left with them b/c I knew if I stayed I would have ended up having sex with him. 

We get home and we're cooking a frozen pizza in the kitchen talking about him and something sparked me calling his name and he promptly came right back over. He ate with us and then everyone went to bed after a while (it was like 2am at this point). He stayed curled on the couch with me rubbing my legs and asked if he could spend the night. I said ok, but he had to leave super early before Chloe came home. He said no problem and we went to bed. I got into bed and told him I don't sleep with clothes on and then it was on. We fucked for a while and surprisingly it was pretty good. He made me cum a lot, but he's not huge. I'm so used to Owen's super big cock that I'm spoiled! Anyway, it was good and after he came we slept for a few hours. I woke up at 6:30am to him rubbing my ass and pressing against me. It seems he was ready for round 2. I complied, although at this point the hangover had set in. After this time, I told him he should probably go home. I proceeded to spend the next 5 hours getting sick and napping on and off. 

I feel like crap today b/c of all the wine. I also feel a little bad about sleeping with someone so damn young! I told my girlfriends that I have clothes almost as old as he is! Gwyn says I have to stop sleeping with the neighbors or I'll ruin our reputation as the "normal house". I woke up this morning to our house looking like a frat house...beer bottles, caps, glasses, cooler, chairs were everywhere. Chloe was walking up the steps after I finally managed to pull myself from the bed to take her to the farmer's market and she said "Wow, you guys really trashed this place up last night"...if only she knew...hahaha. Russell was very curious about whether I'd slept with him and how it was. I think he has a little crush on AL too. Me thinks we are definitely NOT the "normal house". 

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  1. Um, clearly Hawaii is getting to Gwyn because there's nothing normal about that house! HA! I love the image of all you guys piled on to Alabama's bed!