Monday, January 30, 2012

Planning Ahead for V-Day!

Ola lovers!  Miranda is in love – with her new house. And she’s in like with Kansas. But this post is not about him. Well not entirely.  Because tonight as we hung out it filtered through my mind that as great as he’s been with buying me things, this Valentine’s Day very well may rock!  And because we crossed the sex threshold this weekend (details to come but let me say OMG hello magnums) this could be a very sexy Valentine’s Day!

And in that vein of thought, I thought about maybe buying some sexy lingerie to debut for Kansas on V-Day.  Eden Fantasies – our favorite sex toy shop – is having a rocking Valentine’s Day sale! Right now depending on what you buy you get all sorts of discounts! 

And they have a great clearance sale going on on top of that.  You need to be sure you register on the site to receive them email newsletter so you can stay on top of great deals like the Valentine’s Day sale.

And while I’m certainly not the sex toy connoisseur Jules is, I have to say I find Eden Fantasies to have the best array of items and the easiest navigation.  They even have great reviews and videos of the items too.

I always thought the best Valentine’s presents would be a combination of a little romantic, a little naughty, and a whole lot of sexy.  Be sure to check out Eden Fantasies today and take advantage of those discounts! They are good through February 10!


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