Saturday, January 14, 2012

Afternoon Delight

Owen texted me yesterday to see what my schedule was like this weekend and we talked about meeting up today for lunch or after work. He couldn't work the lunch time because he had to work, but he sent me a text asking what time I was getting off. (Hahaha, my reply is always "whenever you're around".) I told him and he said he had his kids then b/c the wife was teaching a class, but that he could drop them off at home and come see me. I told him that was a fabulous idea (since they are 10 and 12 after all) and that the house was free!

We sexted some pictures back and forth and he's LOVING that I've kept my kitty shaved for him. Honestly, it still weirds me out, but whatever...I'm getting slightly more used to it. So, he came over for a little afternoon delight. I'd go into details, but due to the lack of comments on recent posts I can only assume that ya'll are tired of details of sex with Owen but it was the usual OMG fabulous, sheet soaking, I came so much my body was sore kinda sex.

Adam cracked me up today with his cheesy songs post (though I'm seriously happy for him) and I was trying to find Afternoon Delight on YouTube to copy him, but instead I found this. While I am not a Will Ferrell fan and I've never seen this movie, this clip totally made me laugh out loud. A side note if you're an Arrested Development fan...one of my all time favorite moments of that show is when Micheal and Maeby sing this as a karaoke duet at the company Christmas party. It's hilariously inappropriate!

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