Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No More Ms. Nice Girl

Yesterday the gloves finally came off and I told off Coach via Facebook to the extent that he yet again pulled his account down. If, and when, he re-enacts it, I’m blocking him. I’m so done with his constant “I’ve changed” and “Give me another chance” emails through it.

I’ve pretty much ignored him in large part maybe answering only 1 in 5 emails but earlier this week I think the stress and fatigue of moving/work made my nice girl veneer crack and I started throwing back barbs at him trying to push him away. He was pretty quite after my statement that he had to win back Gwyn and Jules before I’d even consider giving him another shot until the last two days.

Monday he was emailing and emailing me and I was ignoring him but it got under my skin after a while. Kansas was meeting me over at my house after work so he could paint my bedroom for me while I finished the bathroom and I kept getting Coach’s emails to my phone. I finally just turned it off. A rarity for me lol.

Side note – while we were painting my brother in law came over to put my tile backsplash up and Kansas was right out there chatting him up. So much for him not wanting to meet my family haha. Then I said I was cold and went to put on my sweatshirt and he insisted I put on his so mine wouldn’t get paint on it. And while he was painting my bedroom, he kept complaining about certain spots on the wall that weren’t perfect because of repairs to nail holes. He kept saying “we” were going to have to just bite the bullet down the road and fix those pieces of drywall hahaha. I kept laughing at him.

So then Tuesday morning, I had an email via Facebook from Coach that said “Hey Honey.” I ignored it but it ate at my already worn down psyche all day. Finally in the afternoon I responded that he didn’t get to call me that anymore. He sent back a stupid reply about how he’s trying so hard and all I’m giving back is being short with him and how he’s been thinking of what to say to my mom or Gwyn and that more than anything he just wants what we had but he’s starting to think that’s not what I want.

I kind of lost it lol and sent back about 10 replies ranging from leave me alone you’re causing me too much stress to nothing’s changed because every time you go drinking you get wasted and start drunk texting me to stop trying to worm your way back into my life because it’s not happening. I wrapped up my rant with this, “You’re right, I don’t want what we had. I want what I thought I was getting into in the first place back before I knew you were going to lie to me over and over and over again.”

Strangely that line didn’t get to him as much as the “worming” line. He sent back an OMG I can’t believe you said that type of response and said he’d leave me alone. Then he deactivated his account. I would like to hope that it’s for good but I seriously doubt that. He barely lasted a week last time he did. But I will immediately block him if he reactivates it.

Back to Kansas, last night I ran a bunch of errands after work for the house and was texting with him when I was back home. He was fretting that I’m not taking care of myself and I’m wearing myself out lol. He kept telling me to take it easy and relax and remember that he could help me out in the weeks ahead. He also told me not to buy a drill because he was going to buy one and he’d take care of putting in my new door locks and hanging my curtain rods. I mean really. For a guy who says he’s not looking for anything serious he sure is throwing in some boyfriend-type moves. And this Saturday he and I will have been talking/dating for a month. And no sex! It’s a record for me!

Let’s hope I have enough energy to get me through the actual move on Saturday because I have a feeling I’ll be spending all Sunday in bed – with or without Kansas!



  1. I am so out of the loop... time to go back a few steps, but I will say this: It sounds like this Kansas fellow is one of those guys who says he doesn't want a relationship because "that's what guys are supposed to say" but he really does. Or he does want a relationship, but he also wants an easy out by playing the "I never lied to you... I've always been upfront and told you I didn't want anything serious" card.

    Ok, now time for me to back track and fill in some blanks! (Sorry, I've been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO puppy-swamped)

  2. Hi Elle! I've been house swamped so I'm in the same boat as you. I think it's a case of the former combined with getting royally screwed over by his last GF. He, like my boss how weird, moved here and his girl was supposed to come after him. He got here and a couple weeks later she told him she changed her mind and dumped him. Then she stopped paying for the car he'd co-signed for her. I think it's a combination of both things but honestly I'm not sweating it. For the first time I think I'm keeping it all in the right perspective. As much as he talks and texts me I'm not worried about it either way. He's sure handy to have around though! It will be interesting to see how I feel when I have more time after I get settled in.


  3. You were considering giving him another shot??? OMG I just choked on my wine.

  4. OMG no way Jules! It was just my final attempt to get him to leave me alone by telling him he'd have to win all yall back over because I know he'd never have the balls to email or try to call yall!