Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why You Should Always Doublecheck Who You're Texting...

So certain funny things in life happen to me and this is one of them. The new guy I referenced in the last post did the funniest thing on Thursday.

So he and I have been talking/texting for a little while now and I’ve been on the fence about him. He’s cute and he’s an EMT but he’s got a couple strikes against him. #1 – he’s got two kids by two different women. #2 – he’s currently living with his sister; he moved here a few months ago and it’s supposedly temporary but he doesn’t seem to be beating the bushes looking for a new place yet.

And this is not technically a strike but he always wants to talk on the phone and he uses a headset so it’s hard to hear him (I feel like I’m constantly asking “what” and “huh”). Miranda is not a big phone talker with people she doesn’t know well and the headset issues have annoyed me to death. I find it challenging to stay engaged in the conversation. I will text you like mad but I really don’t like trying to make conversation via phone if we haven’t met yet or if we don’t just have banging chemistry. Talking in person is completely different and of course, after we know each other a bit, talking on the phone is no big deal.

So anyway, due to scheduling conflicts we’ve just been talking/texting for a couple weeks now and we were finally set to go out Thursday night (to Chilli’s – don’t get too excited lol). I was feeling a bit of a homebody and while I wanted to spend some face time with this guy I just wasn’t sure that I was feeling it for last night. But earlier in the day I had decided to soldier on if for no more reason than to have a story to share. Well, seems the universe wanted to enable my homebody tendencies due to what happened in the afternoon.

He and I spoke briefly at lunch and then I was in a meeting. While I was there I got a text from him and then another immediately after that. They were:

New Boy: 1:35, I’ll rub ‘em for you!
New Boy: 1:36, Uh that was not for u.

I literally lol’d in the hospital. I texted him back and this was our exchange.

Miranda – That was weird
New Boy – I was talking to my sister. She hurt her triceps.

Miranda - Offering to rub your sister's triceps is pretty strange.

New Boy – U don’t have to believe me. I’m rubbing medicine on her though.

Miranda – Sure lol.

New Boy - That's nasty!
Miranda - You're the one who just got busted lol.
New Boy – Busted Helping! But u don’t have to believe me. U forget I do medical stuff.
Miranda – No I remember but that’s a totally sketchy excuse for that text.

New Boy – Well if u don’t trust me maybe we shouldn’t go out. I only want a woman who trusts me.
Miranda – Ok. That's fine.
New Boy – Damn. I’m sad now.

HAHAHAHA! I hope he had fun rubbing Bengay on his sister’s triceps that night!


PS - On Halloween night Sawyer hugged me right in front of his freaking wife!  And now of course he's blowing up my email and he's even texting me like crazy.  We never text!  WTF universe!

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  1. I'm not sure what's worse; either he was lying and it was another girl, or if it was the truth but there's something so shameful about the way he rubs his sister's triceps that he has to tell himself it's a medical procedure.