Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sex Toy Review Time

Kayla, the sex toy goddess, at Eden Fantasy sent me my latest toy to review at the end of last month. If you follow the blog, you know there were some issues going on that prevented proper time to review until now. I have to say though, that it is LOVE at first use with this anal toy!

This anal vibrator, appropriately called the Vibrating Anal T, is a fabulous addition to Jules' sex toy collection! I tried it out solo this week, after a particularly steamy make out session which shall be discussed later, and found fast pleasure waves! It vibrates really nicely (read hard) like I love and I actually used it on my clit first and found that felt amazing too. Dual purpose toy!! It's also pretty quiet, so I think you could use it in a crowded house with relative ease.

I cannot wait to try this out with Owen because he loves the feeling of a toy vibrating against him when he's inside me. I think he's going to love this one! Thank you Eden Fantasy for another fantastic toy! You guys should totally check them out. They have amazing toys for really great prices, take it from someone who sex toy shops a lot!!


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