Monday, November 14, 2011

Just ask yourself - WWGD?

This “non-boy focused time” is rocking right now I must say.  My apartment’s never been cleaner, I’ve read so many books, I’m double-timing it at the gym, and I’ve even made a semi-scary decision – I’m attempting to buy a house.

Yep I’m attempting to take the plunge into home ownership.  My sister (a real estate agent and pretty much every other adult in my life) has been harassing me for a while now about buying a place. My original thought was I’d wait until next March when I’m done paying alimony but finding out the rent on my apartment is going up next year has upped that timeline.

After spending way too many hours on Listingbook (aka house porn) and a full day of driving around actually looking at houses/neighborhoods I stumbled upon a gem.  It’s a three bedroom townhouse right around the corner, less than a mile, from where I live now. It’s about the same size as my apartment which is perfect because this is more than enough space for me and the kids and since it’s a townhouse, I won’t have to do yard stuff.  I don’t mind doing yard stuff with a partner but to tackle it on my own, no thanks.  And it puts me on the bus line for Leo to go to middle school next fall which is ideal.  It’s a foreclosure too and only needs a little TLC of carpet cleaning and painting to be good to go.  Well that and a fridge (anyone want to chip in and buy me one???).

And the icing on the cake that is way too ironic is that it’s in the same neighborhood as Coach’s ex-wife.  Yes, you read that right.  I’ll be her neighbor, well one street over neighbor. She’ll probably shit a brick when she finds out if it all works out that is.  I’d lay good money that she moves very quickly.  So I’m making the offer this week and then I’ll hold my breath and try to stave off panic attacks about being a home owner. 

This weekend is my friend D’s birthday celebration so it will be two nights on the town.  I have a feeling my resolve to remain celibate will be tested especially if we have the misfortune of running into my Imaginary Baby Daddy (who has been flirting with me via Facebook).  But this girl is determined to hold strong! If I find myself in a compromising position I’ll just ask – WWGD – What would Gwyn do? And if I’m sober enough to heed my inner Gwyn’s advice, I should pull through just fine.  

I'm not saying Gwyn's a life guru but hell look at her, she's living the sweet life in Hawaii right now.  How many of us have pulled a major life mulligan off successfully?  And Gwyn's not often one given to impulsiveness so learning to follow her heed is a good thing, especially for drunk Miranda.  Something I think an awful lot of us out in the bloggy world could learn from.  So there's my daily props to Gwyn! And it's not just because I've been living in a cream colored hoodie she fostered to me before she left for the promised land and when I wear it I think of her lol!  Wait, maybe I need to be sure to wear that out this weekend to provide some extra protection - HA!

And I’m very excited that Jules will be here on Friday!  That’s three times we’ve been together in a year people! A new record!  And today I started planning my return trip(s) to Hawaii for next year.  I’m aiming for March and July!  Basically there’s a lot going on right now in my life deserving of exclamation points if you couldn’t tell by this post!

!!!!! Miranda !!!!!


  1. Hahahaha I am honored!!! The Gwyn life isn't for everyone but I will say I've done enough self reflection for all three of us so I am just trying to save you the trouble lol. I can't wait to see you again and I'm totally jealous you and Jules will be together next week. And before you order the bracelets Jules, just remember that while you're eating turkey and drinking wine I'll be selling logo sweatshirts to Japanese tourists at a kiosk....albeit in Hawaii ;)