Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Let's Talk About Sex

What sexual act arouses you the most? For that matter, what nonsexual act arouses you the most?
I like the act itself and all the grabbing, spanking, etc. that goes along with it. I like oral sex too but honestly I could do without it and still totally enjoy myself. For the nonsexual stuff, there's nothing that turns me on more than a massage (back or full body) or even just lightly running their fingers over my body, especially my upper back and shoulders. -Gwyn 
I'm with Gwyn. I love the hard core stuff...aggression is a huge turn on for me. I also love, love, love having my tits in a guys mouth...yum! Nonsexual, I'm turned on by intelligent conversation...though you wouldn't know it from Gavin. - Jules
HAHA Jules you cracked me up with the tits in the mouth comment.  Ditto to what the girls said for aggression being a turn on.  I love being manhandled!  Dirty talk is awesome to but if you're not comfortable with dirty talk you can kill the mood in a hot second.  Nonsexual, I love good conversation/bantering/teasing and I also love holding hands or walking beside a guy with our arms intertwined.  – Miranda
What is your signature "go to" move that is sure to get a lover in the mood for sex?
Hahaha I am far too prudish and innocent to have a signature move. I'm also not a fan of initiating sex (except for a few rare occasions) so I'm usually the one getting put in the mood - yes, I know I sound terribly boring but I manage to do ok for myself when it comes to sex :) -Gwyn 
A blow job...men LOVE it. - Jules
I don't know that I have a signature move to get someone in the mood.  I think it's different with different guys.  Per my nature, I tend to go with what they like best and maybe selfishly tend to make sure they are doing something that puts me in the mood. - Miranda
Do you queef?
What a weird question. Have I queefed? Yes. Have I ever queefed on purpose? No. -Gwyn
Yep if you get me in doggie and you let enough air in...gross. - Jules
OMG it's not something girls can control is it?  Am I not master of my vagina enough to make it queef or not queef intentionally?  Clearly I'm not. I have and it's horrifying.  Did it early on when I was having sex with a high school boyfriend and it took me years to get over it and have sex doggie style again.  - Miranda

What is the weirdest thing that has happened to YOU as a result of your sex writings (blogs, toy reviews, erotica..)?
I don't think anything weird has happened to me as a result of this blog. I have been out on some very weird dates with some very weird men for the sake of the blog, does that count? -Gwyn
Nothing...none of our readers have crossed the line. - Jules
Meeting Adam ranks as weird not because he's weird, but because it was crossing the blog life with real life.  Other than that it's just been a lot of random weird dates/nights/boys all with hopes of gaining an entertaining story for you. Though the sex toy reviews are kind of weird now that I think about it. But hey, who am I to turn down free sex toys?  A girl's gotta budget! - Miranda
Have you ever had sex while someone watched? While someone else was in the room? With someone else in the bed next to you and the person you were having sex with? What were the circumstances?
No, no, and no. -Gwyn
Yes, Yes, yes...swingers parties, threesomes, hotel room in high school. I'm not in a big details oriented mood today though. - Jules
Yes to someone else being in the room - it was in high school and college.  My roommate would sleep through it or on drunken occasion we'd both be having sex at the same time.  Yes also to someone else being in the bed. This was during mine and Jules' high school graduation beach trip.  I was having drunk sex with a very inappropriate redneck in a twin bed and it sucked.  My friend was out in the living room having sex on the fold out couch. We got up and went out there to take over the bed and we ended up having sex for a short while on the same bed before she and her inappropriate redneck got up and went to the other room. Not my finest moment by far but still a funny memory. - Miranda
When it comes to sex and discussing it with your teen, have you or would you:
a - Let school sex education handle it
b- Hand the teen a book or point them to a website
c - Talk frankly and openly
d - Avoid it all together. Society, internet, etc. will teach them all they need to know.
If I ever have a child and allow him/her to live to be a teenager I would say 'C'. They are going to get information from school sex ed, books, websites and society anyways so that's a given. I just don't want that to be the only information they get. -Gwyn
C - OMG people you cannot avoid it, rely on self education, and if you rely on the school system who can't even pass out condoms you are just asking for a teen pregnancy! - Jules
Definitely C. My mom was very open about sex and I always had all the information I needed.  Not that I shared much back with her but it was nice to know she was there if I needed her. - Miranda

BONUS: Remember the song "I'm Too Sexy"? What are you too sexy for?
I'm too sexy to ride the bus here....but I do it anyways hahahahahaha. -Gwyn 
I'm too sexy for addicts with washed up girlfriends that they abuse. - Jules
I love that song! I'm too sexy to get in relationships with emotional gimps (and boys with multiple baby mamas)!  - Miranda

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  1. Talking frankly and openly is indeed the way to discuss sex with the teens in the family.