Monday, November 21, 2011

A Close Call

Well Friday night went to hell in a hand basket but Miranda was a good girl in the end.

We started off the night with me, D, and Coach trying to go eat some dinner (D’s boyfriend was late getting off work and he was meeting up with us a little later). We walked into one place in town and it was slam packed. As we stood there for about two minutes trying to decide what we wanted to do when BLAMO – that skank who’s husband contacted Coach via Facebook walked right up and hugged all over him.

Now honestly after how bitchy she was/has been to me, I pretty much loathe this woman. When she hugged him she looked over and saw me and I swear I saw an “Oh shit” thought bubble over her head. I really didn’t care a bit that she hugged him (she can have him for all I care) but my intense dislike of this woman still caused me to shoot eye daggers in her direction. We decided not to wait to eat there and when we walked out Coach said something to the effect of I can’t believe that just happened and I told him welcome to my life where every time I go out in our town I see someone who asks about him or who STILL freaking doesn’t know that we’re not together. Fun times.

Anyways, we head on to the bar and proceed to drink way too much in a really short amount of time. It really wasn’t that much it was just the speed of the consumption on a virtually empty stomach. It was like 2 beers and 3 jager bombs was all. But again, the speed and lack of real food seems to have been my ultimate Achilles heel.

While we are there, guess who started texting me via Facebook. Imaginary Baby Daddy. We exchanged texts back and forth a bit and then I made my only mistake that night which was to give him my number so he could text me directly. We bantered back and forth a little bit and he was asking what I was doing that night. I told him our plans but as fate would have it, he was working at his shop until midnight (so thankfully it wasn’t in the cards for us to hook up) though he “threatened” to come hunt me down several times. Can you imagine the shit fit it would have been if he’d shown up and Coach had seen? Imaginary Baby Daddy also said he was excited to have my number now so “I could send him a sexy picture if I was so inclined.” Again, thankfully I was not so inclined in that moment.

D’s boyfriend showed up and we jumped in a cab to go the concert we were headed for. Somehow on the 15 minute ride from bar A to bar B all the freaking alcohol hit me at one time and I was way more drunk than I wanted to be in seconds. The first hour at the second bar was great though honestly I don’t have a crystal clear memory of it. I didn’t drink anymore and I was trying to drink water to dilute my system then all at once all systems shut down and this girl needed to go home. Again, this makes me even more glad Imaginary Baby Daddy didn’t show up because it would not have been a performance to be proud of.

The bar was PACKED and I never thought I would find anyone to get me home but thankfully as soon as I turned a corner I saw Coach. Shortly after that D’s boyfriend stumbled across us and we all hopped in a cab and headed back to my apartment where he passed out on my couch, Coach was in the recliner, and I chose not to crawl the 20 feet to my bed and instead slept on my living room floor under the coffee table until D got there a couple hours later. She has some great blackmail pictures now.

Saturday I was lazy all day and Imaginary Baby Daddy wanted me to come see him play that night but I declined the invite. I figured I was already luck to have avoided him in my drunken state Friday night and I wasn’t willing to roll the dice and see if I could resist him again. I’ve been feeling pretty good with the whole chaste Miranda thing but I’m definitely starting to feel a little randy late. And lord knows next time we’re both in the same vicinity it’s going to be hard enough to hold him at bay because if he turns it on enough, this girl is going to go down in flames despite my best intention.


PS – I am going to stop letting Coach pay for stuff really. I know despite how clear I’ve been with him about where my head is (or rather isn’t) it is still giving him hope on some level that things will be different between us. I am also going to do my best to avoid any face to face interaction with him. I won’t always be able to control that in group settings but I’ll do my best to keep it to a bare minimum. He goes back to DC in two weeks finally and I that that will make things a ton better.

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