Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Art of War

Know your opponent. Clearly, Gavin doesn't know this very simplistic rule. I am a far more intelligent opponent than he's ever imagined. I actually own shoes that are smarter than he is.

Here's the latest. He's continued to send emails threatening me. I've resisted responding, but his latest one is about to earn him a TRO. Here's the cut and pasted version because honestly, I can't misspell this many words all at once to re-type it.

you r fucked up ,my gilrfriend is ready to kill herself over the shit you said, i am also soooo hurt ,i hope your happy r u, and my son's trip is also totalled.we all are missserable, and please find something better to do instead of hacking into my comp.stuff. if anyhting happens to the gf.i will fuck your life up.yuo now the shit i now about you.and i will not stop untill you lose your kid ,job house and get kicked off the island,i dont want to put energy int you at all.you should call the gf or text her your liying.before anything happens because your insucurities,try not to act like a psyco." 

Damien read this and immediately encouraged me to get a TRO. He also told me to forward it to the gf. (I did edit it slightly to remove her name and the son's name.) I sent it to her phone, but I've  blocked her from being able to contact me from her phone so I'm not sure if she got it. My intro message to her stated "I'm amazed at his lack of ownership in this...but here's where he is. It seems he wants me to tell you that I made it up. I didn't, but think what you will. He's an asshole and I'm done." If you are wondering if he has a leg to stand on, here's where I am in the defensive line.

1. I came clean with Russell tonight about a lot of things. Nothing Gavin can say at this point will have any bearing on my life with him and/or with Chloe. Despite my very poor choices this past year and a half, Russell stated that he has no doubt in my ability to be a great mom and that nothing I've told him affects that. He also noted that if I were a cocaine addict,  I'd be a lot skinnier and way more shit would be getting down around our house. I love that man. What other man in the universe would still stand by me at this point? Folks, we are way past our marriage, but I've never loved another human (outside of Chloe) the way I love Russell.  Sadly, he told me tonight that he would move mountains for me still, but that I have created a situation at this point that is kinda out of his realm to fix. I don't want him to fix it, but I appreciate his confidence in me immensely, especially since I'm pretty sure I don't deserve it. 

2. I'm totally over Owen. If he were smart enough (doubtful) to figure out who Owen is, he would be ruining Owen's life with really no affect on mine. 

3. If he were to successfully go after my job, I work a part-time crap ass job across the island. It pays nothing and I have a 2 hour round trip daily commute. I could claim unemployment pretty much until I finish my degree and then I plan to quit anyway and go get a much better paying job. Bring it, bitch.

4. Housing- I rent from a company that evicted him and the gf last spring and cut all ties. Gavin used to work for them, but since his eviction...not so much. I'm an ideal tenant that pays her rent on time every month and has never had a single complaint. 

5. If he were to physically come after me, which I'm sure some of you have worried about, he would be arrested. Since he was let off of probation with the condition that he doesn't receive any additional charges for a certain time period, he would not only serve time for whatever he did to me, but he would also serve retro time for that charge. I'd almost be willing to take a punch for him to go to jail. If for whatever reason he didn't go to jail, Damien would kill him for hurting me.

6. Lastly, I've witnessed him do drugs in front of his son. I've seen him give drugs to his son. I've seen him do coke and then go home to parent his son. 

I am not the opponent you want in this scenario. He best stand down quickly before I lose my patience and bring a whole new level of fucked to his world. Old Jules is definitely back and she's back with a mf vengeance. 

PS I finally replied to his email in a very toned down version of this post. It wasn't meant to ignite the flames any further, but it was meant to tell him he needs to back it off b/c he's starting to piss me off and that while he clearly thinks he has the upper hand, he does not. I also reminded him that I didn't hack into his computer stuff. I simply used a password that he had me create. Well, maybe that's hacking...I don't know. 


  1. Get you "kicked off the island"? Who does he think he is, Jeff Probst? And even so, I'm pretty sure the other tribe members would have a say in whether you got voted off, so I wouldn't worry about that one, either.

    On a more serious note, I have been reluctant to try and form any real judgments about this guy in the past because I didn't feel it was any of my business (and of course, it's still not) but reading all your latest posts, I'm starting to form an opinion that's not at all favorable. Long story short, I think Gavin a major league douche. But, I guess I can see how it started innocently enough for you. I'm just really sorry for everyone that it's come to this point. Good luck and be safe!

  2. I know, right? WTH?

    Your assumption is totally spot on...he is a major league douche. I think everyone pretty much thinks so at this point, except him of course.