Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fix My Picker!

So random musing of the day…what is it with me and finding guys with baby mama drama? And by that I mean both guys with serious baby mama drama and guys with MULTIPLE baby mamas.

Seriously. Look at the stats…

Sarge – two kids by two different baby mamas.

Sawyer – two kids by two different baby mamas.

Imaginary Baby Daddy – three kids by two different baby mamas.

New guy who I haven’t even mentioned yet – two kids by two different baby mamas.

Major baby mama drama – Coach, McQueen (though he denies it still), the Giant Ginger, even throwbacks to Grandpa Twin, Flyboy (mmmmm yummy), Lawyer Boy, and Motorcycle Man.

WTF is wrong with my picker?  Can someone help me reset it please? I'll pay good money!


1 comment:

  1. Give yourself a break! Keep in mind the majority of your examples are from online and those guys are WAY more likely to have drama, your odds for finding someone drama/baby mama free are far lower online than in real world situations. Also, and no I'm not calling you old, you are in the age range where most guys are going to have kids already and if they have kids it's almost guaranteed they have baby mama drama. You and Duckie are a total exception to the norm. I don't think it's your picker, I think it's more the pool you're picking from. -Gwynn