Friday, November 4, 2011

Small Acts of Kindness

Since I've been in Hawaii there's honestly only two things I've really missed - besides dishwashers and restaurants with good service - and that is my two kitty cats, my babies. They have been staying with my mom since I left and it has made me so sad not to have them here. Not only do I miss their little personalities and all the cuddles but I feel somehow irresponsible for leaving them behind. I feel guilty like I'm a mom who has abandoned her kids! I am especially attached to my first cat (as she is to me) and I keep thinking about how she must be wondering where her mommy went and why she hasn't come back to get her yet - I realize my cat may not be that smart but I can't help but think it. My mom has been taking wonderful care of them for me and sends me pictures and videos of them every week. My first born (lol) has taken to rolling around in catnip like a complete addict (hey, she likes herbs just like her mommy, what can I say?) while my other baby (who my mom affectionately calls "cat-dog") has finally made peace with my mom's cats and isn't terrorizing them on a daily basis anymore.

In the two months I've been here I haven't once cried from being homesick but I've cried on numerous occasions because I miss my cats. I also realize I could be projecting ALL of my homesickness on to my cats but to be honest I really don't miss home all that much. I miss my girlfriends of course but I know at least some of them will come visit so that's really what I focus on. My cats on the other hand can't just jump on a plane and come see me....

A few weeks ago, the day after one of my crying episodes, I was sitting at the table with McDreamy when he said he had something to tell me. I had no idea what was coming. Then he said, "I've been thinking and I think I would be fine having your cat stay here at my apartment. I know she means a lot to you and I can tell how happy it would make you so I want to do that for you." I immediately starting sobbing crying out of pure happiness. A feeling of complete relief washed over me and it felt so good. The background of this story is that the landlord at my house doesn't allow pets (which I didn't know until I got here)...McDreamy is allergic to cats so I hadn't gotten up the nerve to ask him yet...and my plan is to bring my one cat first because she's the best behaved (and thus a good starter cat) and because my other cat needs to be more of an outside kitty and I don't have a good place for that yet.

McDreamy had to leave his dog behind when he moved out here so he really understands how hard this has been for me (in case you're wondering I told him it's totally cool for him to have a dog and that my cats would either adjust or just get over it). The fact that he made that gesture without my having to bring it up was really awesome of him and it reminded me again how much he cares about me and my happiness. He's even decided to start looking for a new place to live come January so he can have a house where my cats and his dog can have enough outside space. Making this small gesture means more to me than a thousand romantic dinners, ten dozen roses and forty pairs of diamond earrings ever could.

On a related note, Miranda has agreed (if everything works out) to bring my cat with her when she comes to visit in March. We were talking the other day and she mentioned she may not be able to come in March as planned due to some financial changes going on in her life right now (haha that sounds bad, sorry Miranda you know what I mean). After we hung up I remembered that my mom told me she would pay for half of a plane ticket here for whoever was willing to take my cat, if I didn't come get her first. I texted Miranda with that offer and also offered to throw in another $100 to seal the deal! I mean who can pass up an almost free ticket to Hawaii?!?! I wouldn't trust just anyone with my baby but Miranda I trust completely. She's also made the trip so many times now I know it wouldn't be as stressful for her as it would be for someone coming for the first time - not to mention the fact that my cat loves Miranda! Another small act of kindness that means more to me than she will ever know...

I am so lucky to have some amazing friends and family in my life right now, not to mention a pretty darn amazing boyfriend :) Who would've thunk it?


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  1. What sweet gestures! It's funny how you went from miserable in NC to leading such a charmed life in HI :-)