Monday, November 28, 2011


So Coach has been driving me a little crazy. After my post a week or so ago about not letting him pay for stuff any longer when we were in group settings or even really seeing him in group settings, I’ve dialed back my responsiveness to his texts hugely. I probably only answer one out of every ten text.

Generally his texts are random “Hello. What’s up?” kinds of things or just things he feels he has to share with me throughout his day. Like I said, I pretty much don’t respond to anything other than direct questions now. Well over the Thanksgiving weekend, he asked me to do things with him several times – dinner, take the kids (mine) bowling, just hang out and watch a movie, etc. I said no thanks every time for the obvious reasons.

Sunday morning he asked again if I wanted to take the kids to Cracker Barrel, his treat. I said a polite no thanks and he came back and said “When are you ever going to stop saying no to me?” I said when and if I ever felt like things had actually changed. He didn’t respond for a while and I went merrily on to the gym.

A few hours later Coach sent a text saying he didn’t understand why I was being so difficult and that it’s not like our break up was his fault. I knew he was kidding, trying to get me riled up to engage with him and unfortunately it worked. I sent back a fast “Fuck you” text and then Coach bombarded me with apologetic texts for the next two hours. I ignored them and eventually the texts turned from “I’m sorry I was just kidding” to texts about him doing Christmas shopping.

Exhibit A

Next thing I know, up pops two pictures of engagement rings ( see exhibits A & B) along with the text of, “Just a survey. Do women prefer round or square?” I was still so mad from earlier that I lost my temper and texted him asking what in the hell he was doing and he said this exact thing via text, “I am just asking what is in style. I know I have a long way to go before you’d ever even consider something like this. I was really just shopping and the square one caught my eye.” (Side note – when we were dating and I was completely delusional we talked about getting married one day and I told him I really liked square cut rings.)

Exhibit B
Bull-fucking-shit! I flipped and let me tell you, it takes a lot for Miranda to really get mad and flip. I called Coach up and told him to pretty much go fuck himself and that if he thought bullying me and trying to wear me down was going to work he had another thing coming. I told him I was tired of hearing how he’d changed and how he was ready to be a better man now. That all I listened to for seven months were his words and he never followed any of them up with any action and I damn sure wasn’t going to put myself through that again. I told him to go back to DC and get on with his life. Get his shit together finally and grow up. Coach acted all shocked I was mad about the pictures and said he was happy to talk to me even if it was because I was mad. I hung up on him after that. 

About an hour later Coach texted me and asked if I was ever going to talk to him again. I didn’t answer. About 15 minutes after that he texted me and said there was a note on my car. It was a card saying how he never knew what true love was until me and that he knew he’d royally screwed things up but he believed there was enough love left to work it out. And that he was going to go back to DC next week and pray every day that he’d get another chance with me.

I read the card and threw it in the trash. Good lord I want him out of my town!


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