Sunday, February 28, 2010


I forgot to update that I made up with the guy from the crazy post. I decided that he's a good person to know up here and ultimately you should keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Plus even though he totally came off WAY over the top and psychotic about it, his general sentiment was true. I know I'm playing with fire, I just don't care.
So, I introduced him to Russell last weekend b/c again, I think he's ok to have as a friend. I am not now nor will I ever be sleeping with him, but he's definitely in hot pursuit of it. I keep telling him to back off it, but he seems to enjoy the challenge of being told "No"...something I doubt happens to him often.
Last Saturday, Russell and I took Chloe and a friend of hers to the beach. Damien joined us there and we all hung out. It was fun and the next day Damien actually called me to see if Russell wanted to go surfing with him. They went out and had a great time, while I happily sat on the beach. Here comes the weird...sometimes my stories have a lot of backstory to them.
I'm going out tonight. This morning I told Russell that he couldn't go to the gym after work b/c he was on kid duty once he gets home. He was cool about it and asked if he could have someone over. I told him that was fine, but I wasn't planning on being out late tonight, so it would probably be better if he went out tomorrow night. So then, he texts Damien and asks Damien if he wants to come over and hang out tonight and drink some beers. I know this because Damien called me and asked me about coming over tonight, to which I replied "Sure you can, but I'm going out". This is the weird part...Russell knows I'm not into Damien sexually at all, but he knows Damien is totally into me that way. He knows I'm going out on a date tonight, so why would he invite him over on a night like tonight? I try to not think that the whole world revolves around me and that people don't have their own agendas for everything they do, but don't you guys think that's a little strange? I asked Russell about it and he says Damien is so not his type, alpha black male with weapons and all, and that he thought I wanted them to hang out...whatever, I don't care, it's just not what I expected.
In other weird Russell stuff, he's finally started doing some of the things that I've asked him to do for years...things like folding his towel neatly on the towel bar when he's finished b/c it looks nicer, making the bed when he gets up with the pillows on it and not just pulling up the quilt, turning his clothes right side in the laundry. Why would you start doing all of these things AFTER you agree to a divorce? Was he not doing them all these years just to piss me off? It's a strange time to become considerate all of a sudden.


  1. Very weird? What was Russell thinking?

  2. Very weird? Think he was hoping for a 3some?

  3. LOL - Damien was hoping for that! I've assured them both that is NOT in the cards for either of them!