Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Think I Can Hold My Breath for 16 Days?

16 days till I'm out of here and the freak away from Duckie AKA Dickie or Dickless. After putting the deposit down on my apartment yesterday all holy hell has broke loose. He's uber pissed and other than being exhausted by his drama, I could not care less. It's even come to the point that he says if I choose to use a lawyer other than his, he's going to dump all our plans and fight me for everything.

I'm exhausted. I just want out. Tonight Duckie said "I've been getting walked on by you for 10 years and I'm done." Hello fucker! I had to walk on you because you're too emotionally stunted to let your testes descend and be a real man.

16 days and not a moment too soon. I sure hope he's not harboring some deep seeded hope that by showing me he's finally a "man" and how tough he can be it's going to change my mind. I was absolutely sure about my decision to dump his ass six weeks ago and every passing day just reaffirms that in my mind.

There's a big part of me that wants to fight and wants to let it all go to court. At the same time, I just want it all to go away as fast as possible. Just think my St. Patrick's Day 2011 I could be a free woman!

I need a date with Sawyer. I have a lot of aggression to work out and I know just the right way to get some relief and it starts with a 6'3 tall drink of Southern water... Sweet dreams - Miranda

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  1. Miranda,
    Duckie is a dumbass- you CAN'T use the same lawyer as him, it is actually NOT legal. Believe me, I have done all of this before. Lawyers have to be on the side of one person or another. You can EITHER go without legal representation or you have to get your own lawyer, it is that simple. And after he pulled that stunt on you, I'd say you really need to get one- even if it is just to read the paperwork and let you know if he is trying to screw you around (which he is).
    -Short girl