Tuesday, February 23, 2010

God Loves Skanks Too...

Some how, some way a miracle occurred today. I got a curve ball thrown at me by Duckie. He called this afternoon and said his parents said they wanted to buy our house from us. They want to pay just what we need to get out of it completely free and clear. Said they decided to make it an investment property and they would "rent" it back to him. Hell, I don't care if they let him live here for free as long as it cuts that financial tie for me.

At first I was freaked about it. I kept looking for some catch. After talking it over with several of my family members, I decided it was as good as it seemed. I told Duckie I'd do it with one caveat, I didn't want to have to pay his attorney fee. He surprisingly agreed. So we'll be out of the mortgage, I won't have to pay any of his dumbass attorney fees, the kids will still get to live in this neighborhood/have their friends/etc., and Leo won't have to even think about changing schools. Plus, it will either be really healthy for Duckie to stay here or it will torture him - either way is a win/win situation. Haha!

There may be a catch buried in here somewhere but I sure can't see it right now. Looks like we'll be closing on it by mid-March...


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