Thursday, February 25, 2010

Throw Owen From The Train

When I first created names for everyone, I chose Owen for Owen because I think he looks kind of like Owen Wilson, only much hotter. Adam, my former bf from NC, which I guess at some point I should go back and explain, said it reminded him of 'Throw Momma From The Train'. Today, I'm considering throwing Owen from this train. Men just don't know when to keep their mouths shut, which is astounding considering how they say the very same thing about us!

Here's the situation. I know what to do, but the man just makes me weak. The sex really seriously is THAT good and again, I know if he wasn't seeing me that he would be seeing someone even in light of what you are about to read. Today we were texting about our next hook up. I have agreed to a three way and have found this smoking hot chick to do it with. No I'm not joining Russell on the other team, but I've never done it and Owen made it sound so freaking hot I agreed to try it. So, we were texting about that and about whether or not we could hook up today for lunch (We couldn't in case you have a burning quest to know). And then we had this conversation via text, of course...

Owen: " Yeah I have to tell you, I had a big fight and talk with my wife yesterday...we're going to give it a last hard try to try and keep it together. I know she'll never fully satisfy my sexual appetite, but now more than ever I have to be very very careful!!!! (I corrected his spelling, just FYI)
Me: "Oh  I totally get that...glad you're trying, but what does that mean? Do you want to stop seeing me?"
Owen: "  No, I love when we fuck...it feels great! But I do have to put some effort into my marriage if she is willing to as well! Which means less texting and probably fewer visits".
Me: "You are such a man...I love fucking you (immensely) but well, ok...I'm not going there...you didn't ask my opinion. I'll be happy to fuck you whenever you can. I will say this though, if it's going to be fewer visits I may call in backup. I enjoy sex way too much for once a month....once a week is long enough".

I won't keep you giving you the blow by blow (pardon the pun), but basically I asked if he was saying he wanted to continue seeing me b/c I'm about to let him live out his fantasy...to which he replied I was being "such a chick". He was pretty cool about me seeing other people, so long as I'm safe (not that I needed his permission...been seeing other people along the way this whole year). I'm not being "a chick" about this, but wtf was his purpose in telling me that he and his wife are going to give it one last try?? I didn't ask, that's for damn sure. If it wasn't to tell me that he doesn't want to see me right now, which would be the ONLY logical reason I could see for telling me, then what?? Now I feel like a total skank if I keep seeing him! He can't seriously work on his marriage and fuck me on the side. I told Miranda earlier that I'm not a fan of guilt and rarely do I feel it, but he introduced that today. I'm very black and white and he threw grey at me today and I don't know how to translate that.

PS Just for the record, I again reiterated to Owen earlier this week that I'm NOT now or ever asking him for an emotional commitment. I totally respect his situation and do NOT want to be the other woman that breaks up his family (yes, I get that essentially I could be given my relationship with him)...but just because my situation has changed, I don't expect his too.


  1. The problem is that he's already not "trying hard" to save his marriage if he still plans to see you, even if it is just less frequently. I think he's being a girl and playing games. My guess is he wanted you to pitch a fit and tell him you had "feelings" for him but who knows. Men! Sheesh!

  2. Either way - I had to get out. I deserve more and I can't keep doing this with him...especially now!
    I'm sad and it hurts today, but I know in my heart of hearts I did what was right for myself, but also for him and his family...and quite honestly it's nice to feel morally superior for just a nano-second!

  3. Men! You can't live with them and, of course, you apparently can't live without them, either :)