Thursday, February 18, 2010

Master of the House

The balance of power has shifted slightly here, but I'm feeling good about it. For 9 years I have handled our money and I've hated it...I SUCK at it. The only reason I started doing it was because Russell would get soooo pissed twice a month paying bills and watching all of his money fly out the window that I just ended up taking it over. I started trying to get out of this chore about 6 months ago to no avail. Now he's decided he wants to be able to spend some of "his money" without my control...bring it on big boy. I sat here last night as he huffed through writing our checks due and watched with delight as he realized that the reason he can't spend "his money" is because he doesn't have any...ALL of our money here in Hawaii goes to HOUSING. We knew this was going to the be the case when we moved here and agreed being house poor in HI is worth is, but I must say I enjoyed the smell of his defeat last night when he realized I haven't been pissing away "his money" on minks and diamonds. I did announce that I'm spending $125 this week to get my hair done and to his credit, he didn't even blink.
Overall since I got a little trashed (and by this I mean tore the f up) on Saturday night and told him about himself, it's been a great few days. We've been getting along pretty well...the snarky sniping has decreased between us...it's just been pretty good. I can live with this.