Monday, February 15, 2010

The Time to Hesitate is Through

So today I spent what felt like a fruitless day searching for a new place to live. Realizing that I'm going to be paying Duckie $500 a month for three years to be rid of him, though very worth it, hurts the budget! As soon as the papers are signed, sealed, and delivered I have some very choice words for Duckie. As Sawyer and I discussed that today he said Duckie's man card was going to be revoked and I told him Duckie never had one in the first place!

After looking at many sad, say apartments and houses today I stumbled on an awesome complex! I can even afford the three bedroom version so Ladybug and Leo don't kill each other sharing a room. It's super nice and as soon as I walked in it just felt like "home." Plus, Duckie won't be able to afford to live there so I know we won't end up living in the same freaking complex. A potential outcome he mentioned last night and seem quite excited about how it would "ease" the transition for the kids.

Now don't get me wrong, I want this to be as smooth and easy for the kids as possible, but if I have to live in the same complex as him, well, however will I get my groove on without getting caught? Ha ha!

Speaking of getting my groove on, today was one of Sawyer and my "dates." Always a blast and always too short! Moving away from being his next door neighbor will one one hand suck because there will be a lot less "chance interactions" but it will also rock because 1 - we'll have a "safe" place to be together and 2 - it gives me the opportunity to see guys other than him. Not that I'm planning on that necessarily but it's like once the ring comes off, men start falling out of the woodwork.

I've already got people trying to fix me up and all sorts of random dudes from my past trying to chat me up on Facebook! Seriously! People, let me at least move out first! Oh and by the way, before you chat me up on Facebook and expect me to flirt with you, you damn sure better have a profile pic. People who don't = people who must have peaked in high school and it's all been downhill since then! - Miranda


  1. Good read but...was hoping for a few more steamy details of your latest rendezvous with Sawyer. Seemed like you had a lot of buildup leading up to your latest "date" - I bet there were some fireworks for sure!

  2. Oh there were Adam. Freaking fireworks everywhere. Alas, it's always too short, the time we spend together not him. Haha!