Sunday, February 21, 2010

All Is Quiet On The Western Front

I'm very pleased to report that Russell and I have had a very quiet, very nice weekend together. We have not fought about anything. We have hung out at the beach together both days. Last night, he made some super fantastic chicken and dumplings and we consumed mass quantities of wine on the couch while catching up on our DVR shows. It was like old times...nice, comfortable, and not filled with anger and being pissed at every little thing. He leaves to go to the mainland for work next week...so it should remain pretty quiet here too this week. Ahhhhh, peace.
Sadly, Owen seems to have a side job this week on his days off...so I don't know if I'll get to take advantage of having the house all to myself.
Miranda, if and when you are ready...I have a site for you. http://www.plentyoffish.com/. It's free Internet dating. I'm not big on the hanging out in bars to meet people thing and I'm not paying for a site either. Last year, I met this cutie, John, on Craig's List. We had a very hot, torrid fling that ended for two reasons, well three. 1. He's in the Navy and was shipping out to Japan. 2. He was 24...that's just too young. 3. He was into some freaky, nasty sex shit and I just got tired of saying no...regardless of how hot he is, it became tedious. Anyway, he told me about this site for actual dating (I guess he saw the writing on the wall long before I did!). I've registered this past week and am talking to some hotties for potential dates. It still feels like it's a little too soon, but I don't want to wait around forever...I want to go out and have some fun. The only downside is that the guys I seem to be finding are in their late 20s. Men don't really become intelligent beings until their 30th birthday (and of course, this never happens for some!)...but they are close enough that it's feasible to wait it out. A more horrifying thought....having to tell my mama that I'm seeing someone 5-7 years younger than I am...she'll DIE.

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