Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hey Mr. DJ...

So today Duckie is still backpedaling but really wants some “support” when we split. Maybe I’m just biased since I’m a woman but I think it’s pretty pathetic that a 37 year old man needs support from his ex-wife just because he’s too lazy/weak to either get a job making more money or get a 2nd job to help cover the bills. Whatever! Once we have everything finalized and formalized, I have a few choice words to share with him.

Today was Sawyer’s stepdaughter’s birthday party. It was at the skating rink and reminded me of how much fun it was to go skating back in the day. While there, I was not only surrounded by Sawyer, his wife, and kids but also many of Sawyer’s friends and family.

Now maybe I’m a bad person but I generally don’t feel “guilty” or bad for what we are doing when I’m around his wife. I mean it’s not like I seek out her friendship but we chat on occasion. However being around the family felt awkward and more than a little uncomfortable.

Plus it was hard as hell to “behave” and not flirt publicly with him, well not flirt too much anyways. We kept meeting eyes and trying to pass near each other to say a little comment or two. This part of having an affair sucks, the never being able to be in public together.

It’d be a lot easier if he wasn’t so freaking hot! I couldn’t help but fantasize about the skating rink DJ calling for a “couples skate,” the disco ball flashing, and taking myself back to my 6th grade self imagining the thrill of just holding his hand as we circled the rink listening to the smooth sounds of Whitesnake’s “Is this Love” (one of the most romantic songs of my unblemished, untainted 6th grade mind) or some shit like that. Of course the adult part of me then kicked in and imagined pulling him into a dark corner, climbing on his lap, and well, you can guess the rest.

Monday, Monday hurry up. It’s been a little over a week since I’ve got a hold of him and that is far too long!

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