Monday, January 10, 2011

It Pays to Have a Boyfriend

So one thing I’ve really noticed (aside from my outrageous levels of happiness and contentment – though that is also due in part to all the awesome sex I’ve been having) since I’ve been seeing Coach is how much it pays to have a boyfriend. Or man-friend. Or part-time boyfriend (haha Jules). Or hell, just a man who acts like a man and takes care of shit for you.

What I mean is that I don’t pay for jack these days. Not meals. Not drinks. Not entertainment. And now I’ve got a story to top it all.

A few days ago Coach and I were hanging out and I told him I needed to update my mp3 player for my Hawaii trip. Using the “feelings” words Gwyn and I have been working on I said, “I feel like my mp3 player isn’t meeting my needs and it makes me frustrated.” And yes I did the complete little girl pouty face when I said that.

Now every time I’ve used these “feelings” phrases in the past with Coach he’s jumped right on it and turned into my knight in shining armor. These words really arouse some protective “I’m the man” instinct. So no sooner had those words left my mouth then Coach offered me his IPod – his 80GB badass holds 10,000 songs IPod. The very IPod he had let his crazy ex have a few months ago and the very IPod he busted up in her house and took back last night.

That’s right; he took his IPod back from his ex and gave it to me. HAHAHA! I was quite shocked that he actually did it. I mean I figured when he offered it to me he was just being nice and not that he’d actually go and get it back much less give it to me. But he sure did and now I’ve spent umpteen hours updating it, taking off music I don’t want, adding in all mine, getting Gwyn to give me tutorial on how to use it lol.

Also after her craziness with all the Facebook stuff, Coach said last night she apologized to him and said she just “freaked out” about their boys seeing that he was in a relationship. He said when he pressed her for why exactly she was stalking his Facebook she had no explanation and tried to change the topic. She needs to learn that if you’re going to stalk, you have to a hell of a lot smarter. I could teach her a thing or two….but I won’t – HA!

OMG it’s almost Hawaii time!


PS – I laugh as I say this but having sex with someone you have feelings for is awesome!

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