Friday, January 7, 2011

The Calm After the Storm

After all the craziness the rest of this week has been fairly quiet.  Thankfully Duckie and his girlfriend made up.  He didn’t really share any details about what happened other than they had just had a misunderstanding and “he thought she was seeing his point of view.” I can’t help but wonder if maybe one of them was ready to push for the engagement or shacking up or something and the other one wasn’t ready. Who knows, I’m just glad they got back together.

Coach’s crazy ex hasn’t had much to say other than suggesting that Coach delete his entire Facebook page. Yeah, because that makes a lot of sense.  He pretty much told her to get a life and leave him (and me) alone.  But I’m not holding my breath that she’s going to keep the peace in the days to come.

He and I have been spending a lot of time together.  Now that I think about it. I might have seen him every day since last Friday.  That’s interesting now that I think about it. Hmmmm.  He’s even been coming over when the kids are here.  Wednesday he texted me and asked if the kids had had dinner, which they had. When he heard that he asked if it was ok to bring them ice cream.  I of course melted a little inside and said yes it was more than ok.  The kids were very excited to see him.

Ladybug has developed a serious crush on Coach.  The whole time he was here that night she was cozying up to him.  She even told me that he and I couldn’t sit next to each other because she wanted to sit there.  She also demanded that we not touch lol and said soon enough he could kiss me on the lips and then we’d be married.  I thought his eyes might bug out of his head when she said that!  I had to explain that in Ladybug land kissing on the lips equals marriage LOL!  She also gave him a really sweet hug that night when she went to bed.

Leo seems quite taken with Coach as well.  Wednesday night they talked all about computers and sports.  Wednesday night Leo also told me he has his first real girlfriend.  Apparently this little hussy asked him to be her boyfriend. HA!  He also said, “She’s kind of like you mom.  She’s funny. And sometimes she’s nice and sometimes she’s not.  But she’s never hurt anyone physically.”  WTF?  But it made me laugh.

Last night I was headed home when Ladybug piped up in the backseat and said, “Mommy, I sure wish Coach could eat pizza with us.”  I laughed so hard I almost wrecked my car.  I texted Coach to tell him what she said and before I knew it he had plans for all of us to go to dinner that very night.  Score! 

At dinner Ladybug was once again cozying up to Coach and laying her head on his arm and talking nonstop to him.  When we were done with dinner she even invited him back to the apartment!  She has learned from the best! LOL!  Coach sat on the couch for almost an hour looking through the Guinness Book of World Records with Leo and playing with Edith and her Olivia dress up set.  I swear it was one of the sweetest and sexiest things I’ve seen in a long long time. 

In all this time I’ve spent with Coach this week we’ve talked a ton and it’s interesting a lot of our marital problems are extremely similar.  I also found out he had a vasectomy a few years back from the very same doctor as Duckie! HA!  Seriously, the similarities in our lives are quite hilarious. 

I swear things with him just keep getting better and better. I think the time apart with our trip to Hawaii to see Jules will really be good and potential even amp things up more than they already are.  Gwyn mentioned her little photo session for Popeye in the magic mirror here at my place.  I did take some pics to send Coach from Hawaii but then I came up with an even better idea. I asked him if I could have one of his old baseball jerseys and I’m going to do a special photo shoot myself this weekend.  I intend to fully drive him insane with a week of hot sexting and photos.  As much hot sex as we’ve been having, it shouldn’t be too hard to have him sweating bullets waiting for me to get back.  He’s already planning to be off the day we return so we can have our own special homecoming.  What fun!


PS - With Coach's house selling this week he's been looking for a new place to live. There aren't that many places in my little town so the likelihood that he could end up living in my same complex is high.  Having my boyfriend that close could either be really awesome or really awful.  Also, he thinks he's getting ready to be offered a three month contract for work outside of DC.  He'd be there Monday through Friday so that could be another interesting element to our relationship.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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