Friday, January 28, 2011

Divorce Day

I didn't do a specific post on it, but divorce day was yesterday. One year ago (from yesterday), I sat on my favorite beach and hashed out the details of my divorce with Russell. We've come a long way this year. The irony of the whole thing is that he's actually in San Francisco this week, which is where we started our honeymoon 10 1/2 years ago. I sent him a 'Happy Divorce Day' text yesterday that made him laugh. Today he sent me a text asking me for the name of the street for the B&B we stayed in on our honeymoon. I laughed out loud at him and told him I had NO idea. I mean I walked into my kitchen three times this morning before I remembered that I was in there to make myself breakfast....seriously. I cannot be expected to remember the name of the street of a B&B that I stayed in over a decade ago...lmao.

Today was a good, low key day. I was off from work, but had school tonight. Gavin called me this morning to see what I was up to and to come pick up my recycling. I really appreciate that he takes care of things like that for me. He said it's obvious I need a "man" around the house. Russell will do it if it's overflowing and I ask, but he's never done it on his own volition...ever. Gavin was working on the beach today and asked me to come lay out where he was working before school. I agreed and had a lovely morning/early afternoon sitting on the beach. I could have done without the chainsaw buzzing the entire time, but that's what you get when you fuck a tree trimmer.

I came home tonight to him on my couch, kid ready for bed, and a plate of dinner waiting on me. I have to say he spoils me a little. He actually worked with Chloe today on bike riding. For the record, I can't ride a bike. Russell can but he just doesn't do those kind of things with her...we suck at teaching her things. Gavin has decided that it's ridiculous that she's 7 and can't ride a bike so he's taking it upon himself to teach her, bless his heart. Last night when he was telling me about taking her surfing, he kept referring to her as "Daddy's Little Girl" with him being "Daddy". I'm trying to not read into that reference. (It seems the gf is pissy about how much interest he's taken in Chloe...if only she knew of his other interests like giving me a creamy dessert after my dinner.) Anyway, he has really enjoyed playing her the last few days and she has loved every second of it as well. I appreciate having a friend like him in my life during this crazy time.

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