Friday, January 7, 2011

Apology Accepted

I rarely get pissed at the team because honestly when you're just fucking someone...what is there to get really pissed about? I've been pissed at Gavin like 2 or 3 times and he's quickly figured out the way to win the apology. Wednesday night, he showed up for dinner with oysters and beer. How can you stay mad at a man that brings you that for dinner? I sure couldn't. During the evening, he was looking at me and said the funniest thing to me..."You're really pretty even when I'm sober." I laughed and told him I'm always pretty regardless of his drunken state. No Miranda, no further declarations of love.

There were definitely some declarations of jealousy though. During the time he was here, I was texting with Penn, Bob, Russell, and Miranda. He said something about how my phone goes off ALL the time. I told him I can't help it people love me and I shared a few of the "safe" ones with him. He was assuming they were all from guys I'm seeing. He let it go though because during dinner I put it inside. After dinner, I gave him the Myers-Briggs which makes me a social worker nerd according to Miranda, but it is a really good indicator of people's personalities. By the way, I totally called most of his profile.

He called me yesterday while I was at work complaining about his life. He's broke, hates living with the gf, the gf's son is back and he's miserable. Then he started complaining about my texting again. Jesus ! I finally yelled at him through the phone to break up with her or deal with being unhappy. I dished out another helping of tough love and we hung up. People that are unhappy that refuse to change their situations really frustrate me. I don't understand it. If I'm unhappy, I change the things that are making me that way. 

Penn invited me over last night and I was able to go since I hadn't been able to see him the last few nights. I'll admit my lack of being able to see him lately has totally been on me, so I'm kind of having to eat my words to him from a few weeks ago where I bitched about his lack of availability. We had a great time hanging out on his balcony drinking wine, talking, and then having some fantastic sex. I really wish he was older. We were watching Two and A Half Men and he made some comment about Charlie. I said, "You know that's the guy that played Duckie right?". He said "Who's that?". Sigh....

One thing that he did do last night that scored him major points (and wasn't sexual) was to move my car. I have mentioned how I will eliminate men from my dating/sex pool if they live in a place where I can't park. Where he lives you can illegally park in this one spot but I hate to do that because if I get up at 5am to come home and my car's been towed, I'm screwed. Last night, I parked in that spot and as we were sitting out there he saw a car move from an actual spot, grabbed my keys, raced out, and moved my car so I wouldn't have to worry. I love when guys are thoughtful like that. It's the small things that make me swoon.

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