Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hawaii Week Recap By Miranda

Yet another fabulous trip to Hawaii has come to an end. Now I just have to wait seven months to go back! Hey Josie – start saving your money now because you’re coming next time! We’re planning for August!

In all seriousness it really was a fabulous trip and much more peaceful than my last one when Jules and Russell were in a shall we say “volatile” frame of mind. They are seriously the best hosts ever. I keep telling Jules she needs to open up a bed and breakfast and I totally mean it! We were little nature girls as Hawaii pretty much demands and did all sorts of things from whale watching to hiking (me 5 miles in a broken flip flop) to spending copious amounts of time watching huge waves crash on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

We were very well behaved! It’s funny. I always expect us to be balls to the wall when we’re together but it’s like we get in this close, chummy girl zone where we talk about boys but they pretty much cease to matter. Even on my first trip we only had the one wild night (where Jules tackled Mormon Boy and left me for dead in the bathtub – HA!). This time was much the same, tons of good girl bonding time and only Gwyn had a raunchy adventure which I’m sure she’ll tell you about once her Hawaiian hangover has lightened. I think both Jules and I would agree that we are in a much more peaceful place life-wise where we feel like our feet have gotten back on the ground after all the divorce drama of the last year.

Hawaii is hands down the most glorious place on Earth and if it weren’t for my kids I can say with 100% seriousness I’d be living there right now, mostly likely in Jules’ closet. Alas, I’m going to have to wait for several more years till the kids are bigger to do so. All things said and done, I did have several funny boy related things happen on the trip.

In the same day that shall forever more be known as “Asshole Day” I got a text from FJB saying, “It’s a sad day to be unfriended.” WTF! I unfriended him on Facebook back in November. If he had even one iota of wanting to be “friends” he’d have noticed before now.

Later that day on the same booze cruise where Jules got soaked (so freaking funny I wish I’d caught it on video), I got a phone call from Sawyer. Double WTF! He was calling to ask something about medicine for his kid. Yeah, lamest excuse ever. I answered his question and when he said he hoped he wasn’t disturbing my night I got to deliver the best line ever, “Oh you’re not. I’m just on a booze cruise in Hawaii.” HAHAHA! He tried to act like he didn’t know I was there but my kids have big mouths and I’m absolutely sure they told him.

I think it was also on Asshole Day when I got a call from Leo…on his new cell phone that Duckie had bought him. Did I mention that Leo is 9! Triple WTF! Duckie and I had talked about this before and agreed no cell phone till he was a teenager. But apparently Duckie decided to buy him one “for emergency purposes only” though I can’t help but wonder if it was an f-you for being in Hawaii kind of thing. Whatever. I just hope he doesn’t expect me to pay any money towards it.

In good boy related news, things with Coach and I continue to be wonderful. During a drunken texting/voice mail loop on his behalf he dropped the L bomb on me while I was in Hawaii. Yep he told me he loved me. I had a feeling it was coming before I went to Hawaii but I was hoping he’d wait till I got back. I told him via text that I was glad he felt that way and the feeling was mutual but I was going to reserve the right to say it face to face. And I did yesterday during the best homecoming day ever. He came over about an hour after I got home yesterday and brought me flowers and couldn’t stop kissing me. We spent a good three hours having marathon sex and cuddling in bed before we dragged ourselves out and went to lunch and then to run some errands. Coach even stuck around to meet my mom yesterday (she loved him) and took me and the kids to dinner because he knew I was exhausted from jet lag. Yep, he’s pretty much the shit!

Jules and Gwyn delighted in raking me over the coals about Coach. They can read me like a book and know how much I like him and seem to find great delight in teasing me.  Especially when they busted me for drawing a heart in the sand and taking a photo of it. OMG I can't believe I admitted that publicly just now!

One funny thing that happened yesterday… Leo stayed home from school because he wasn’t feeling well and with his brand new cell phone handy, Duckie felt comfortable leaving him at home. Coach and I went to pick up Leo in the afternoon and who should be drive right past… Sawyer! I wish I could show you what his face looked like! It was awesome, especially after his ridiculous phone call in Hawaii.

Today I’m slogging through work and exhausted but I can’t help but feel ridiculously happy after an awesome vacation and an awesome homecoming day. I have a feeling things with Coach could get really serious (yes Jules that’s future thinking damn you for making me do it!). We’ll see where this goes!


PS – Jules I miss you so much already! And Coach said he badly wants to come to Hawaii next time LOL!

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