Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hot, Young Quickie Sex

Penn texted me today to see if I could come over after class. Russell thought he had plans to go out, so I said I couldn't unless I got out of class early and could swing by for a quickie. We ended up scheduling a between work and school super hot fuck instead.

Daytime sex is so different than nighttime sex. I noticed things today that I haven't seen before in the many weeks I've now known him. For example, he has a tattoo across his back. In the dark, I guess it's possible I've just missed it. I also noticed just how big his cock is. I've had it everywhere inside of me, but I caught a full on visual today of it in the sunlight and for some reason I was surprised. I'm sore for a full day after I'm with him, so again I'm not sure why this got by me before today. Things just look differently during the day.

On a funny note, he put on Pandora when we laid down on his bed and in the midst of our afternoon rendezvous, cheesy love songs started playing. I had to literally stifle laughter because I learned years ago with Russell that men do NOT like it when you laugh during sex. He didn't seem to notice, but I was cracking up. I think he's on the agenda again for tomorrow. It seems he missed me.


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  2. Funny about the daylight sex. I thought the same thing about Coach yesterday. We've really only had night time sex till yesterday and I caught myself looking at various parts of his body and being surprised by what I "saw." LOL!