Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Games We Play

Actually, I'm not much of a game player. I think I've mentioned this before but my Daddy raised me to think that if you play hard to get, men will play who the hell wants you. (Seriously...direct quote.) It's served me well though because men think I'm a cool chick because I don't do drama and I don't play stupid games. I haven't started, but I've noticed my lack of recent availability has really gotten the team riled up and I have to admit I kind of like it.

Penn and I hooked up Thursday. We texted some over the weekend, but I was kind of busy and just not available. Sunday night, he was all twisted about me coming over. Russell went to the gym after work and he didn't get home until really late. By the time he got home, I wasn't leaving the flannel pants and sweatshirt I'd donned for anyone. Sexy, huh?

While we were texting, Penn finally busted out with the request that when Miranda and Gwyn visit this week that we all hook up. Dude, why do men think that just because I'm a little bit of a sexual freak (ok, I downplay) that all of my friends are as well and that we can't wait to fuck? Guys, here's a tip...most women do NOT think that way...including myself. I adore Miranda and I'm super freaking excited to finally meet Gwyn face to face, but I'm not engaging in anything remotely sexual with them.

Today Penn starts in again about wanting me to come over after class tonight. This was after he told me last night that he had to work all day and night today. I inquired about his work status and he told me that he'd probably get out of work approximately 2 hours after my class ended....um, yeah I'm going home and I'll catch you later. He's been a little put out by my overall lack of availability lately, so I hope he doesn't get too frustrated but it is what it is. School started back today and after my child, that's my priority right now.

Then we have Gavin...I saw him a few times over the weekend. He was sick this weekend though with a flu-like thing so he got no loving past his birthday blow job. I can't get sick right now. I did let him come over, but I literally sprayed my couch with Lysol when he left. Apparently, he's feeling much better today. I've told him for weeks that school started back today. How about he called me three times? I called him back once in between work and school, but he let it go to voice mail and I didn't bother calling back the last time. I'm off tomorrow, so I'm sure he'll be around since he didn't get to talk to me today. I've noticed that I either see him or talk to him pretty much every day now, though I'd like to point out that this still doesn't make him my bf (Miranda).

Owen works tomorrow doing  a side job and won't be able to meet up. He and I are talking about meeting on the beach some more though. I think that may become our new, regular spot when my house is full. It seems my boy loved the daytime outdoor beach sex thing a lot and he's figured out that if he runs down there and back he can cum during work hours!

Otherwise, things have been pretty quiet around here. I'm sure all of that will change as soon as Gwyn and Miranda land on the island!


  1. Men are so silly! Yes Penn, Miranda and I are coming to Hawaii to be lesbians with one another and with Jules. And we would love to have a foursome with someone we've never met why not? The funniest part is that Miranda told me at no point did he ask what we look like..i say you tell him sure and show up with a midget and a 400 pound woman hahahaha!!


  2. Yes they are! I mean really guys...c'mon. At least Gavin finally asked what you guys look like over the weekend when I was telling him no yet again to the same request. Clearly my team is made up of a bunch of damn freaks. LOL! I love that idea...if only I knew a 400lb woman and a midget!!