Monday, March 5, 2012

No Means No

Miranda’s been doing a lot of decompressing lately but it’s all good. I’m feeling in a much much much better place today than I was a week ago. No contact with Coach has been freaking freeing! And I find that every day he’s less in my mind which is nothing but good for me. Last week it was easy to be distracted with the kids and all but now that I’m at the start of a childfree week, I’m still confident it will keep going well.

A couple random things…last week my boss’s boyfriend totally hit on me and made me feel icky and gross. The weekend before I’d been out with them and we all danced together and a couple times she took a break from the dance floor we kept dancing. All very appropriate. The “we’re not together” zone was never breached. Until the end of the night that is. She’d gone to the bathroom and he pulled me on the dance floor again and totally got all up in my business! I pulled back and he laughed and pulled me in close again and I pulled right back and danced my way off the dance floor. It was very odd but I let it slide that night as him being drunk.

Sunday morning came along and as I lay in my bed in a stupor of the night before (the night of the psychosis lol) her BF texted me something about how much he liked dancing with me. I just said thanks for the fun Friday night out and then he said something about me having a sweet ass! I was so stupefied by other things that I just didn’t answer him back and didn’t even think about it again.

Come Tuesday I noticed he had untagged himself in all the photos on Facebook that featured the three of us. My boss noticed it too and asked me to ask him why. So like a good friend I did and he gave a vague answer about just switching things up on his Facebook page (his ex wife mistakenly thinks I’m his GF based on the pictures from his wall) and that he wanted new pictures to put up. I said we didn’t have any new ones and then he said “maybe you’ll send me some private pics??”

I almost fell out of my chair at work. I mean friendly flirting is one thing but to straight up cross the line with one of your girlfriend’s best friends??? We exchanged a couple texts after that and I very clearly put him in his place and told him that kind of behavior was inappropriate and that he better be good to my boss. He apologized but it ate at me all day. I debated with Jules on whether or not to tell her but I ended up erring on the side of not telling because really there’s no good to come of it if I bust him to her. And if he’s gonna try it with me, it’s only a matter of time until she busts him on her own with someone else.

Later that day I texted him again and just reiterated that that was not cool and that he better not be messing around on her. He swore (yeah right) he wasn’t and that it was just flirting gone out of control. I dropped it but then he was weird to her all week. Just much more reserved and her own spidey senses started tingling. I felt like I was playing both sides of the fence all week trying to reassure her and at the same time encourage her to trust her gut instincts.

Saturday she and I were texting and she accidently sent him a text she meant to send to me talking about his weird behavior. They talked about it that afternoon and she said she felt like things were mostly back to normal between them though her gut is still telling her something is off. I don’t know what’s going on but I am trying to stay out of it by and large. My guess is they dove in head first and maybe he’s just not ready to be as serious as they already are but who knows.

At any rate it made me wonder if I send out some kind of signal saying I’m open to cheaters lol. I know I’m not but damn! Then of course Sawyer tried to get up with me all weekend and I think I said no in 57 varieties, versions, and languages.

What the hell is wrong with people?


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