Thursday, March 22, 2012

WTF Wednesday

I started off the morning by peeing on a stick. I've been feeling odd lately. Last week, I threw up and was sick one night very randomly. I think it was the meat I'd eaten...blech. Then this week, my uterus has felt like it was going to fall out it hurt so bad and I was feeling dizzy and had no energy.  I don't have a period anymore b/c of the way I take my birth control pills, but I've been on an antibiotic for eons and that makes the pill ineffective. So,Gwyn convinced me to take a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side.

I'm extremely giddy to report that it was negative!!! That would have been an awkward convo...

The morning improved immediately by this result and by a text from Owen saying that yes, 2 days after shoulder surgery, he was coming over for sex. He is a freaking sex god. He comes over and we play around and have amazing, sex despite his arm being in a sling. He can't lay down without being in pain, but he can bend me over and fuck me like crazy still. Finally the pain killers kicked in though and after about 30 minutes we had to stop b/c he was done...damn Oxy. Then, we spent the next hour or so just hanging out and he showed me how to use a tool he'd bought me and it was nice and weird all at the same time. We don't hang out. We fuck, we go. We text all the time and we'll talk about what we're doing or what our kids are up to, but we have never really crossed the line into just hanging out, even when his family was gone last summer. I like that boundary in place, but I appreciate him taking the time to teach me some things today too. Anyway, no big deal. It was just odd for me.

Then tonight I'm in class and I get a text from him that says his wife may be checking his text history. I ask why and he says b/c they just had a phone fight. She's on the mainland for the next few days and apparently they got into it about how much she texts with this 18 year old kid that stayed with them for a few weeks this winter. It's a complicated story, but the kid is part of a team that their son is part of and he said he really doesn't care who she's texting in general, but he doesn't want his son to be embarrassed by his mom being all cougar-ish. I refrained from asking a lot of questions and pointing out that he was discussing his wife's potential infidelity with his mistress,  but I did ask if he thought they had fucked b/c well I'm fucking him and he stills fucks her sometimes and well that could get messy if she's having an affair too. He said no, but it was just weird and looks bad. I did ask how he felt about it all and he said he's been ready to walk out of his marriage for years, but he's pissed about her putting their son in a weird position. I don't think that's the total truth. When I found out Russell was also lying to me about cheating, I was furious and I suspect Owen is as well, but I could be projecting. He did admit to texting the kid and asking the kid if he texts his mother as much as he texts his wife, so it seems he's feeling a little more territorial about it than he admitted to me. I mildly suggested that perhaps he shouldn't poke at the bear (you know since he's been having affairs for years!!).

At any rate, he asked if I would change my VM to a standard greeting for a few weeks in case she goes through his history and we've switched back to using his second line. He texted me a few minutes ago asking if I'm home tomorrow..I hope that means he's coming back over! The sex is amazing enough for me to put up with this bit of drama. I just hope it plays out quickly and she doesn't snoop around too much.


  1. Getting that random pic of a pregnancy test texted to me was one of the funniest things that's happened to me in a long time!


  2. I thought it would make you laugh. I was cracking myself up in there. I texted it to Gwyn too b/c I couldn't remember how to read them!! It had been 9 years since I've taken a test and I saw 2 lines and initially freaked out. - Jules