Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grown Up Sex

While Chloe has been at her Auntie's house this week, Jules has been getting it on! Sunday night, I was texting with Owen's potential sub and realized that he was a tool. When I told him to bring condoms, he informed me that he doesn't wear them. I informed him that he wouldn't be fucking me then. He told me he doesn't like rules and that I'm probably not the girl for him...um yeah, that's what I said....idiot. So I spent the night sexting with Owen, which was a continuation of a day long sext a thon and we exchanged lots of pics and videos. Lord jesus that man makes me HOT! In the midst of that, I stumbled onto The Grown Up who was going to be in town from a neighbor island this week.

Monday, I had omg hot sex with Owen over lunch. He started the day off telling me how he'd just watched the videos again and he wanted to lick my kitty and play with my ass...well what is a girl to say to that, but yes sir...what time can you get to my house?! He came in and did just that and then proceeded to fuck me in every imaginable position. I went back to practicum with a huge smile on my face!

Last night, I went out to dinner with the Grown Up. He works for a huge hotel chain and comes to my island several times a month. He has a really great job with them and I've gathered makes a very nice living. He has a 16 year old and has been divorced for a few years. He's got some issues b/c his ex-wife was Borderline Personality Disorder and abused the crap out of him for years, but through some therapy he's working through his emotional gimpiness. The only issue I see is that he seems a little too into me and he's 53!  He told me approximately 1000 times how beautiful I am. I mean that's nice to hear and while I am pretty, I really don't want to have to thank you 1000 times for the same compliment. I know that makes me sound like a grade A bitch, but it actually did get a little weird.

After dinner, I went back to his hotel room and I'd already decided to have sex with him. He's pretty handsome for his age and I was drunk by this point. He's a totally nice guy and we had really great conversation over dinner about all sorts of things. It's a nice change to actually be able to hold an intelligent conversation with a guy, something that hasn't been happening with the cougar thing. Twenty something year old guys are not great conversationalists.

Once we got to his room, his whole demeanor changed from nice older man to a dirty old man. It was dirty old man in a good way though. He spent 2 hours fucking the ever living hell out of me. He's HUGE by the way...not overly long, but I swear one of the thickest cocks I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot!). We went to sleep about 11:30 and he asked if he could wake me up later for sex. The answer to that question is always "yes"...who says "no" to that??? Sure enough, he wakes me up about 3:30am for another round of incredible sex. I mean this man made me feel like I was losing my virginity again kind of thick and he kept saying super sweet and then super dirty things to me...it was a huge turn on. We had incredibly dirty sex for an hour or so. He really likes to use his tongue and he really liked my ass, a lot. You can infer the rest.

We go back to sleep after that and damn if I didn't wake up about 2 hours later to him kissing and rubbing me again. This time he spooned me and proceeded to spank me and then rub my ass to soothe it. I absolutely love that. I mean love, love, love it. We had sex again for a while and then finally got out of bed to shower and get ready for our days. He started kissing me again in the shower and I honestly had to stop him b/c I was afraid if we fucked again that I wouldn't be able to walk today. It was intense! We parted ways and b/c of his need to tell me over and over how much he likes me and how beautiful I am, I wasn't sure I would see him again...but then I decided that I really like going out to nice restaurants and I love a good hard fuck, so why not?

I'm going back in the morning for more. He leaves tomorrow afternoon and due to some extensive mainland travel won't be back on this island again until mid-April...so we'll see what happens after this. Oddly, I felt guilty at one point last night like I was cheating on Owen. I guess it's because he's the only one I've been consistently fucking...I just rarely feel that. He was texting me like crazy this afternoon too. Apparently he had some free time, but I was on the other side of the island and couldn't meet him...not that I could have had sex with him today anyway...I'm sore! We are planning to hook up this weekend though before his surgery and apparently his wife is leaving for a week the day after his surgery, so if he's not in too much pain I suspect next week will be some hot, sexy time with him! It seems he's perfectly willing to lay back and let me do all the work while he heals.

Lastly in Gavin news, he's driving me a little nuts...which is funny b/c he's 2500 miles away!! We had a really nice, hour long conversation Sunday night. It wasn't sexual until the end, but just chatty and fun. At the end, he asked me to Skype sex with him and I declined. I can be friends with him, but I cannot ever fuck him again and maintain my sanity. So we talked and he told me that he didn't think he was coming after all b/c airfare is so expensive....good! Today he calls me right after I dropped off The Grown Up (his radar seems to still be working) and asked me to stop at his old place and see if a package for his son had been delivered. I did it on the way home from school tonight and called him to tell him that it had not. I got his VM and assumed b/c of the time difference that he was in bed. I was wrong. He called me back and we chatted and he asked me if  I would pay half of his ticket here for this weekend so he can see his son race and in exchange for this, he would spend 4 days fucking me. Um, where did he get the notion that I want to fuck him again?? I'm talking to him again, but I'm in no way indicating that I want him in my life in that way ever again. I guess it goes back to Ethan's astute comments on his behavior the other day...it's like he stopped developing at 19 and his brain is stuck there despite the fact that he's like 43 now. I'm going to have to stop taking his calls for a while, maybe forever. I may need to just reconcile in my head that we can't simply be friends.

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