Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grounding Redux

So my grounding was going well until Friday. Apparently I was possessed by the spirit of Jules and had an almost insatiable need to get laid. I’m not sure where exactly that came from. Maybe I was hit with a superhuman level of hormones or maybe I was channeling all my suppressed anger but I wanted it. Bad.

Bad enough to do a total sober booty call to Kansas. As Gwyn and Jules said, “yes the very Kansas I told off a couple weeks ago for not wanting more of a relationship.” He quite readily complied and we hung out for a while at my house and drank a couple beers. Then we got it on – big time. And I mean that both metaphorically and in reality. The man is hung like a Clydesdale. Even bigger than I remember it being before. And he may be a gimp but he damn sure knows what to do in the bedroom.

After a couple hours of fooling around and having sex we fell asleep only to awaken an hour later and go at it again. Then we said goodnight, he went home, and I rolled over and passed out in an almost magically slumber for the next eight hours. When I woke up I was pretty sure I’d never stand again. I seriously contemplated if it was possible to break your vagina. Gwyn said it was God punishing me for my procreation haha!

Saturday night I went to a work related event with my boss and my friend D. It was a dancing with the stars type deal that actually proved to be pretty entertaining. Until D flipped her lid and got all girl jealous. Alas, unless you’re totally spectacular women like Gwyn, Jules, and I – threesome friendships never work. I think D realized what totally different worlds we really live in and felt uber intimidated being in “our world” for that long. Who knows. She got mad and said I was acting different (i.e. I guess that means I wasn’t drunk and acting like a total fool). Things eventually simmered down though I didn’t placate her at bit. The rest of the weekend was just running errands and letting myself “feel.” Damn, I sound like I go to a therapist!

Jules and Gwyn expressed concern for my recent decision making in regards to Kansas (and contemplating meeting Jethro) and technically breaking my grounding rules. I pooh-poohed their concern at first because I am feeling really sound and secure in my mind right now. However, after marinating in their concern for a while I figured I owe it to them and to myself to take their concerns as valid. I’m fully aware that sometimes you don’t see what’s lurking right in front of your face.

So I’m back to being strict on my grounding. I’m halfway through the month so I certainly can make it a couple more weeks. I’ve been admittedly a little distracted by my boss’s BF drama (he still hasn’t spoken to her) and the attempted reintroduction of Jethro (who I’ve decided not to meet after all – too much water under the bridge). So here I am focusing on myself again. Good thing I’m damn funny or I’d be bored to death!


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  1. I'm glad to hear you are back on track. Remember Gavin?? Remember how you guys had to tag team me to see how bad he was for me and how much he really treated me like crap though in my mind I felt otherwise??? Sometimes you need your friends to tell you about yourself and I'm glad that we have the kind of friendship where we can do that and remain friends.
    I definitely don't understand the girl jealousy thing...lol. That was funny, in a weird way. I was wondering what you meant by it on twitter...glad you explained it.
    Love you and glad you're taking some more time for you - Jules