Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hell Hath No Fury...

So yesterday I mentioned that my boss’s asshat boyfriend was likely to break up with her. Little did I know how prophetic that was going to be.

He’s been doing the classic withdrawal that guys tend to do over the last week since he hit on me. Started by backing down the texts, started not going over to her house as much, etc. Friday he had his kid and he asked her if she’d keep him while he went out with some friends. She for whatever reason said sure and he ended up going out to see one of the band’s I’m friends with. All seemed fine and he went to her house afterwards and they had a decent weekend though she said he was definitely more reserved than usual. I thought so too when I was at her house over the weekend.

This week comes and the withdrawal is more pronounced to the point that it had watered down to just a couple texts a day and he didn’t go over to her house at all. She asked him a couple times what was going on and he said he was just stressed or busy with work and not to worry about it. She knew the break up was coming she just was waiting for it really.

So Tuesday day they text and make plans for the weekend. The last text she got from him was about 2 pm. No more texting that day. He didn’t respond to her. No more calls. Nothing. Wednesday comes. Still nothing from him. Wednesday afternoon comes. Still no contact. She asked me to text him to see if he’d respond. I sent a generic hey what’s up kind of text. No response.

About 3:30 he texted me back – with a FREAKING BREAK UP message to give to her. Yeah. You read that right. He texted me a message to give to her. He didn’t text it to her directly; he fucking sent it to me. Basic BS about how he just wasn’t ready for a relationship, that he had stuff to work out with his family, that he thought she was great and he was sorry, and that he wished her nothing but the best. Oh, and he said given the situation he thought it was better that he and I don’t stay friends either. AS FUCKING IF!

I replied back – Fuck you. You aren’t man enough to send that message to her directly? She deserves better than that. Clean up your own fucking mess and leave me out of it you pussy! And you better hope I don’t see your sorry ass face again in public!

Yeah I went there lol. What can I say? I’m an angry girl. He didn’t respond obviously. Funny enough one of my co-workers was right outside my office during this and she came in all concerned and said the blood had drained from my face and then I went bright red and she just wanted to make sure I was ok.

An hour passes; he still hasn’t sent her anything. Another 45 minutes pass and she and I are getting ready to leave work and she’s looking at me all sad and confused and hurt saying she can’t believe he’s just going to leave her hanging. And I just couldn’t leave her hanging for another night wondering about him and blaming herself.

I made her sit down and told her want he sent me. She of course was really hurt and super pissed off that he wasn’t man enough to even text her that BS directly. I can’t believe I had to break up with someone that I wasn’t even dating! I could literally wring his neck right now.

Because hell hath no fury like a scorned women, she has of course sent him a variety of texts of the fuck you genre and frankly though I know good and well you should wash your hands and be done with someone I’m encouraging her to rant out her anger. I don’t want her to end up like me in six months being the Incredible Hulk lol. Though I did tell her to limit it to texting out her anger and then be done with it.

Un-fucking-believable. Honestly, I would not hold the least ill will if he’d just broken up with her like a “normal” person would have. But the fact that he was so disrespectful as it refuse to talk to her and then send me the message to deliver makes him the biggest douchebag in all the land.


PS To add salt to the wound, last night I was on Facebook (the devil’s stomping ground) and there are all these videos of my friend’s band playing from the night the ex-bf was there. And guess who’s all over some girl in the videos. Yep – the asshat. I was so angry last night I almost told her about the videos but I decided not to. If she starts wavering and wanting him back I just might have to show my hand though.


  1. ...I almost told her about the videos but I decided not to. If she starts wavering and wanting him back I just might have to show my hand though.

    That strikes me as the perfect decision to make with those videos :-)

    That's unbelievable! How did this guy make it to adulthood with that much fear of confrontation?