Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Hunting Wabbits (said in the voice of Elmer Fudd)

Whoo hoo! It's my turn to be our Eden Fantasys Blogger!

I want a Rabbit Vibrator. I always have. I don’t know if it’s because a friend of a friend in college had one and talked about how amazing her “Pearl Rabbit” was or if it’s because of that darn episode of Sex and the City where they talked about the magic Rabbit but it's become the sex toy of my dreams. I just want one dammit!

Honestly I’m sort of confused about what to do with it. Well not what to “do with it” because that much is obvious but for me, solo play is a solely outside activity if you get my drift.  So my mind is all a twitter at thoughts of using a Rabbit.  For years I didn’t understand what the big deal with vibrators was but then I got one as a joke in one of those mystery grab bags.  It was a basic white bullet and I used it a few times in secret (Duckie would have died) and really liked it.  But it was much easier to take care of my own lady business when he was sleeping next to me than finding time to bust out my little friend and hope he stayed awake.

The first week after I moved out I ordered my first big girl vibrator.  I randomly picked one that looked good and had good reviews and it’s been my favorite to date (though I do love my little black bullet I got from Eden Fantasys this past fall but the batteries run out too much!).  But I think it’s time for me to bite the bullet and step it up to a Rabbit – or dolphin or beaver or yes Gwyn - they even have birds (see the throbbin' robin) whatever else crazy animal they have manipulated to be a sex toy.

The good news for me is that Eden Fantasys is having a sale with 25% off all Rabbit vibrators right now. Give me your suggestions! What’s good, what’s not, what is so worth the money! 


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  1. I want you to get one and let me know if it's worth all the hype. I bought a dolphin version in Amsterdam a few years ago and it was super hard, not flexible, and almost painful. It got booted from the toy box (also b/c it was a sex toy I'd used with Russell...not on, just with!). The rabbits look much more flexible and fun!