Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sex God

Owen has really been one hot sex god this week despite his shoulder being operated on Monday! He came over Wednesday for some really great sex that I told you guys about, but unfortunately about half way in his pain meds (which he apparently had doubled up on!) kicked in and he was done. Yesterday he came over for a quickie on the way to pick up his kids from school. It was spontaneous and just timing wise perfect. Today he came back for lunch! He's getting better each day (from the surgery) and it's evident in his performance!!

He pinned me down and gave it to me today like I love it and finished in his favorite way...my ass. His wife comes home tonight and Russell returns tonight as well, so our fairly unlimited, house available, free time will go back to normal next week but this week was a 4 in 1 week and it was epic! I dare to overshare though and tell you all that I think he bruised me. We've done a lot of toy play lately with DP and DV and I think he may have caused a slight injury. Damn sex injuries...lol.

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