Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hot Aussie with a Wonky Eye

Friday was a big day of whoring it up for Jules. Gwyn's bff is here visiting and Thursday night we sat up wayyyy too late drinking red wine and I was actually hungover like crazy on Friday. Friday night was a scheduled Girl's Night Out and I almost bailed I was that hungover. We can thank Owen for letting me sweat out some of the toxins though and getting it together enough to go!

I met Owen for a quickie lunch on Friday. I was kind of bitchy because it took him forever to meet me (timing wise) and because of the hangover. I apologized later though b/c as usual he made me cum sooooooo many times that I couldn't not forgive his poor time management. I can't wait to see him for a longer time period one day next week.

Back to Girl's Night Out and the whoring it up part...Gwyn, her bff, another friend, and I went out in Waikiki last night. After taking a mid evening nap and downing some caffeine, I was ready to go. We started drinking shots at 8pm and continued for the many hours it took them to get ready. We hit the town about 11:30pm and walked down to a bar Gwyn had been to on her fateful night of whoring it up last January when she visited. Since she has company, I'll go ahead and tell you guys that the very guy she hooked up with last January was in fact in the same bar last night! He was over playing pool and left pretty shortly after our arrival. A series of odd and/or super young guys hit on us and then these 2 Australians on holiday came over.

They were cute and chatty with their awesome accents, so we had fun talking to them. One of the first things out of one of the guy's mouth to me was how much he likes to party and had been doing cocaine last night, but thinks he overpaid and wanted to know how much a gram goes for here. Dude, do I have a magnet??? I decided to let it go though b/c he wasn't using then and I didn't care, but it was funny (funny odd, not funny haha). So, we decided to leave that bar b/c I was feeling ancient in there and not having a blast (it was pretty lame, despite my age) and went over to a huge nightclub. We get there and the line is insane and we stand in it for a second and one of the guys remembers that they bought the VIP membership last night which allows us to bypass the line and go right in. They paid our covers and we headed in...score.

Inside was a hot, hot, hot (and I mean temperature hot) meat market...lol. It's been a long time since I was in a club and I was a bit overwhelmed, but this club was definitely more fun and had much better people watching opportunities than the first place. Because of the previously mentioned massive amounts of alcohol consumed, I cannot rightly recall how this came to be but at some point the coke head Aussie and I started flirting and he told me that he could pleasure me for hours. That was my cue and we were out. I didn't have my phone or wallet or anything with me, but Gwyn being the queen of awesome friends got all of his information before we left and since his friend stayed with them, I felt ok about leaving with him. It seemed like people would know where to look for my body.

We walked back to his hotel and got straight down to it. He was really good and we had sex for a long time. He even had condoms that his mother had sent with him on holiday...rofl. I died laughing when he told me that. I had asked on the way there if he had some or if he needed to stop. I told him he should just stop with the "yes, I have some" part of the sentence in the future. Anyway, I'll own it here that he is 25. For someone that likes older men, Jules really has been cougaring out lately.

Back to the hotel, we are fucking like bunnies and after he finished he decided to keep pleasuring me. He spent the next long while making me squirt all over his hands. That boy knew exactly what to do with his fingers to make me gush all over him and it was with such force that I remember being shocked at how hard I was repeatedly cumming. I finally finished and we slept for a few hours. By this I mean, he passed out cold in the bed spread eagle and hogging most of it, which was cool since it was his and all, and snoring soooo loudly! I slept on and off, waking up every few minutes because of the snoring and b/c I was afraid of oversleeping and not being back to meet the girls at our hotel on time, and here's some TMI because the bed was so wet I couldn't get comfortable.

I finally woke up about 6:30am and decided to go ahead and do the Waikiki Walk of Shame the many blocks from his hotel to ours and the icing on the cake...it was raining. I arrived back at our hotel at 7am and the girls were passed out. I mean out. I knocked and knocked and finally Gwyn's bff let me in. Now this hotel has weird bed arrangements and we ended up with 2 twins. Gwyn and her bff were in one twin and the other girl was in the other bed. I decided that I didn't want to curl up with her on that bed and opted for the floor. I finally got up and went down to breakfast. Gwyn and her bff joined me about an hour later and the first thing out of Gwyn's mouth about the night was "So, did you notice his wonky eye?". I had not in my drunken stupor, but she assured me that he seemed to have a wandering eye at times. She confirmed that he was hot when his eyes were in line but when the one drifted, it creeped her out. I am not sure how in the hell I missed it, but I did.


  1. OMG I wish I'd been there! And Popeye was there???? Sounds like crazy has skipped from the east coast to the pacific islands!


  2. Yes, Popeye...I was totally drawing a name blank when I posted this. We wish you had been with us too! We'll do it again in July when you come! I think we will have both recovered by then...lol.