Monday, October 8, 2012

Keeping On Keeping On

Everything just keeps going along well with Peabody.  I’ve been working hard on being really open, especially about how I’m feeling in regards to my dad, and working on continuing to take things slowly and easily with him. 

Weekend before last we took the kids to a concert and it was a worlds colliding moment with all my old party friends there and Peabody and a bunch of his friends who are fast becoming my friends. My friend D, the country party girl, was there of course and I think it made her mad I wasn’t throwing down with her but hell I had my kids there and it was really not the right venue, nor am I the same girl I was the last time I went out with her like that (back right after the period of grounding).

Anyways we had a ton of fun that night with the kids running around playing on the bouncy slide and hula hoops while we listened to music.  That Sunday morning, Ladybug got up and announced that she was making Peabody a picture.  Awwww!  That afternoon we all went to the fair together and it was fun but overwhelming!  Keeping up with four kids in a crowd is a lot different than just two. Though it was cool to see Peabody helping Ladybug and his little girl on and off rides and seeing Leo step up and play big brother to all three of the other kids.  It was good too to see Peabody parenting in such a different situation than just around the house. It really showed how good of a dad he really is.

I have seen Peabody slowly letting down his guard a bit.  I mean he’s been amazing introducing me to his friends and family and us spending time together with our kids, but he’s not been the most verbally affectionate guy.  In the last couple weeks he’s been slowly being more and more open about his struggles with his ex-wife and the shrapnel an ugly divorce and the ugly breakup with his ex-girlfriend. I’ve told him just a bit about my divorce, the whole Coach situation, and my dad but nothing in detail. We’ve only toed the lines of those things but we are both starting to relax a bit in that arena. 

This weekend we did an impromptu camping trip to the mountains and to his college homecoming where for the first time in my life I tailgated.  We had a super fun time and I’m consistently impressed how welcoming and nice all his friends are.  Friday we hiked some and he took me to his “secret spot” on a lake where he says he never took anyone before.  Made me feel special lol.  That night we sat around the campfire and drank like fishes. It resulted in me volunteering up the half a Viagra I have from the night of the jewarician lol.  Peabody promptly took it and we christened the tent in a big way. 

Saturday we went into town for breakfast then headed out for tailgating and the game.   One of his bffs who we spent the music festival weekend with was there and pulled me aside for a little talk.  He wanted to know what the deal was with me and Peabody and said he seemed really happy with me.  I told him we hadn’t had any official defining but that I considered us a couple since we had said we weren’t seeing anyone else and that I really liked him.

Interestingly he volunteered that he and his GF had dated for six months before they said the “I love yous” and that she had said it first. He said he knew Peabody had a big guard up but that he seemed to really like me and for me to just keep doing whatever I was doing because it seemed to be working.

So that’s just what I intend to keep doing.  This thing with Peabody is good, really good.  And it still scares the shit out of me.


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