Monday, October 22, 2012

The Man Lottery

I have won it. I am so totally into The Fisherman it is insane. He continues to rock my world both on a romantic, sweet level and on a dirty, hot sexual level. We’ve started doing some things that I’ve never done like serious spanking. It seems not only does he like to give them nice and hard (yes, please!), but he also likes to get them equally as hard. I have fingerprint bruises on my ass right now as I type this. I spanked the holy hell out of him the other night and he loved it. I never thought I would like doing it, but I did. It was a total role reversal from my normally submissive self.
My bff was here last week and they got along great except for one slightly heated political discussion, lol. It was a wonderful week of fun and I think her being here and really liking him has helped ease Chloe more and she’s gotten to the point in just 2 weeks where she really seems to like him more. This weekend after my bff left, we took Chloe snorkeling and swam with sea turtles and she loved it. After that fun afternoon, he took us to a resort for a lovely dinner and then bought me a dress in one of the shops there. He’s the most thoughtful of men!
I went over to his place yesterday with her to go the pool and to hike and he had more gifts for me to include shoes to match the dress, earrings, and a cute sign that I had noticed in a shop. We had another fantastic, domestic day followed by some hot sex last night of me riding him frontwards and backwards and then bending over and letting him have my ass.
I finally talked to Gavin and told him about The Fisherman. He feigned being happy for me…lol. He said he broke up with the gf again when she heard messages from some girls in Jersey this summer on his phone. That man will never, ever grow up. Then he asked if he could come stay with me for a week next month…not kidding. The Fisherman was happy I finally told him about us, but pissed he still calls me. I told him that he would still call me too. He didn’t seem to find that as amusing as I did.
Owen is blowing up my phone too. He says he really misses me and is not looking to replace me and thinks we had the best sex of his life and on and on. It’s flattering that’s for sure and I almost caved a few times b/c that sex is AMAZING, but I think I would feel too guilty b/c of how much The Fisherman adores me and honestly how much I adore him. I would love a “free pass” to keep fucking Owen, but that will never happen and I do not want to fuck things up with The Fisherman ever.

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