Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Heating Up

The Fisherman continues to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I know I’ve been horrible about blogging lately, but if I’m not with Chloe or at work, I’m with him. It’s been a whirlwind romance but I have to tell you guys I am just completely head over heels for him.  Since I last blogged about him, we have literally seen each other pretty much every day. He comes over most nights after Chloe is in bed. I’ve cooked dinner for him several nights and getting to know him and falling in love with him is just simply amazing. Did you guys ever think you would hear this from Jules??!  
Here’s an example of his awesomeness, last week I was talking to my bff. She’s going through some shit and I was lamenting how much I miss her and I hate being so far from here in times like this. He says “bring her over”. I laughed and said that would be awesome, but neither she nor I could afford a ticket for her at this time. He said “I’m paying”.  People, he bought my bff a ticket to come to Hawaii in 2 weeks. If that’s not the sign of a keeper, I don’t know what is!!
Saturday, Chloe was with a friend so I took him shelling with me to one of my favorite beaches. We walked and talked and shelled. He marketed mine and Gwyn’s online business to some tourists on the beach. It was very endearing! As the sun set, he held me and kissed me and I can’t tell you guys of a happier moment with a guy. He just adores me, as I do him. We went home and he came over and I made us dinner and then we had sex for hours! He fell asleep in my arms on my chest. I’ve never let a guy fall asleep with me holding them, intentionally anyway. There was that one night that Gavin and I passed out having sex and I woke up with him on top of me entwined in one another.
Sunday, Chloe had a birthday party all afternoon, so I went over to his place. We had amazing sex and then went down to his hot tub with wine. I feel like I live in this amazing parallel universe with him, but those worlds are getting ready to collide. I emailed Russell this week about The Fisherman and Chloe meeting. I wrote him a long email about it and he simply replied “I trust your judgment, Gavin not withstanding”.  Russell is fairly self involved, so I don’t know if this was a self involved, ‘I’m in China and could care less what you are doing’ statement or if he’s not really into it. Either way, I trust my judgment and I think it’s time. They are both super curious about the other one.  I’ve run this meeting past all of my relationship advisers and they all seem to think it’s ok.
I met his boss last week. The guy is known for being an ass, but he’s been pleasant to me. The Fisherman said he likes me and told him not to mess this up. We’ve both told our families about each other. My grandmother is dying of curiosity. She’s texted and called asking all sorts of questions. My mother is pretty over the moon about it too, but she’s not as persistent. His mother is very happy. He told me that she cried when he told her about me. Of course, then he followed it up with this story…it seems he had a sister named Jules that died when she was like a year old b/c she had a hole in her heart. He was 2 ½. His mother told him “Maybe we’re finally getting another Jules in the family…”. I already love her.
I swear he has turned my grumpy, cynical, sex addict self into a pile of romantic mush. I have feelings for him I have never experienced. I adored Russell and I will always love him, but I’m thinking the difference is that I’m actually falling IN love with The Fisherman.  Our sex life is amazing. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you guys we have sex multiple times for hours. He’s as sexual as I am! Chloe is on fall break this week and is staying with her auntie. I’m spending the week with him at his place and I can tell you based on last night, it is going to be one wonderful week! I’ll try to keep you filled in.
Owen is going rather peacefully. He texted me this weekend to see how things were going and I told him that this guy is continuing to rock my world and I can’t cheat on him. He maintains he’s happy for me and that I truly deserve this, but that he will miss me a lot. I will miss that sex immensely, but I really want this to work out with The Fisherman and if that’s the trade off, so be it. It’s not like I’m missing passion and amazing sex. It’s not Owen level great, but it is daily, sometimes hourly, and with someone that I can see building more with than just sex.  Jules is simply giddy over The Fisherman!


  1. Score one for us short guys.

  2. Yes! I am so glad I got past my shallow crap on that one. This guy is ROCKING my world. I could care less about his height. -Jules

  3. Great short guy dating a tall woman quote: "When we're nose to nose my toes are in it. When we're toes to toes my nose is in it."

    Happy for you Jules!